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Which render settings should I use in Vegas if I want to burn a Blu-ray disc?

Render Settings for a Blu-ray Disc

Published 01/14/2010 08:55 AM | Updated 10/04/2010 03:37 PM
Which render settings should I use in Vegas if I want to burn a Blu-ray disc?

Instructions for Vegas Pro / DVD Architect Pro:

If you are rendering from Vegas for use in DVD Architect, go to File > Render As and select “MainConcept MPEG 2” in the Save As Type field. Then select the “Blu-ray 1920×1080-60i, 25 Mbps video stream” template in the Template field below the Save As Type field (select -50i if you are in Europe). This template will only encode the video stream, so you will have to render a second time to encode the audio stream.

For PAL try :
1920/1080 24p, Sony AVC, Blu-ray 1920 1080 24p 16mbps stream, Template 1920×1080 25fps, Frame Rate 25 (PAL), Field order None (Progressive), Deinterlace method: Interpolate fields, Disable resample, resolution quality: Best.

When you choose Render As for the audio stream, select one of the two formats that DVD Architect will use for encoding the audio stream in the save as type field:

– Dolby Digital AC-3 (*.ac3) and for Template, choose “Stereo or 5.1 Surround” (you will only see one of these options, which reflect what your project properties are set to).

– Wave (Microsoft) (*.wav) and for Template choose “48,000 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo, PCM wave file”.

Also, make sure you render both files to the same folder with the same name. If you do this, when you import the video stream into DVD Architect, the audio steam will import automatically.

In your DVD Architect project you can set your Project Properties to match your video and audio format properties. To do this, you can go to File > Properties and select a respective file type and template for the Audio and Video Defaults.. Make sure you set the Disc format to “Blu-ray Disc.”

To add the clips that you have rendered from Vegas, in DVD Architect choose Insert > Media, and find the clips that Vegas rendered which will be stored where ever you directed Vegas to store the video and audio streams.

This will add your media clip to your DVD Architect project.

When you are ready to output your disc, choose the “Make Blu-ray Disc” option in the DVD Architect toolbar. Make sure you check “Use Current Project” when going through the Burn wizard.

Instructions for Vegas Movie Studio Platinum:

-When your project is complete, click the “Make Movie” button.

-Select “Burn it to DVD, Blu-ray Disc, or CD” and click “Next.”

-Select “Blu-ray Disc” and click “Next” again.

-Choose “MainConcept MPEG-2” as the video format and select a template that best matches your source material. If you are unsure which template to choose, go to Project> Properties and click the “Match Media Settings” button (folder icon) in the top right corner of the Properties dialog. Find a sample file and click “Open.” That sets the appropriate setting. Use this when rendering as well.

-The audio template in the “Burn Blu-ray Disc” dialog will automatically match your project properties (Stereo or 5.1 Surround Sound).

-Click “OK” to burn your Blu-ray disc.

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