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What is DebugMode Frameserver

DebugMode Frameserver is a plugin for non-linear editors like Sony Vegas, enabling them to export their timeline video and audio data outside of the application so that other applications can use the timeline directly as input.

Debugmode Frameserver can also export the video from your NLE as an Image sequence. Frames can be saved in lossless BMP, TIFF, PNG and high quality JPEG formats.

You can download DebugMode Framserver v2.5 here.

How do I install DebugMode Frameserver?

1. Download the ZIP file which contains the installer here. Extract the installer named fssetup.exe and run it.

2. Read the license agreement and agree to continue.

3. Select the programs you would like to install DebugMode Frameserver as a plugin to. In this example, I’m only installing DebugMode Frameserver as a plugin to Sony Vegas.

4. Select the install directory for the main DebugMode Frameserver application.

5. Select the shared plugins file format directory for the Sony Vegas.

6. You’ll be prompted to create shortcuts into the start menu, this isn’t necessary to use DebugMode Frameserver, but I usually do.

7. You’ll be prompted to read a text file, but this isn’t necessary and the text file doesn’t contain any Sony Vegas specific instructions.

How do I use DebugMode Frameserver in Sony Vegas?

1. After opening the video project you would like to frame serve, go to the File menu and select Render As to open the default render dialog (make sure your project uses 8/16 bit audio, they are the only supported formats).

2. Select DebugMode FrameServer as the type of file you will be exporting.

3. Enter a valid filename for the output file. I named mine served.avi and click “Save” to start frame serving.

5. You will be prompted with some advanced options, the defaults will work fine.

You’re ready to go, open this frame served avi (my was named served.avi) in your secondary application. The video and audio with all of your effects and filters applied from Sony Vegas will will be piped live to the secondary application.

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