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What can I do with the Batch Converter?

The batch converter is really great for all of your batch processing needs. How about processing wav files that are in the wrong format. You know, you collect sound FX from the internet but some are 22K samples and some are 44k samples and you want them all to be 48K samples so they’re all ready to insert into your videos without further conversion. You can also use it to clean up the audio in your video. Let’s say you have a low hum on all your video captures. You can run them through a notch filter in batch mode and remove it. Of course, you could also do this in Vegas while you’re editing as well. It’s just a neat utility for doing batch processing. Probably a more practical use is to convert a bunch of AVI files to MPEG files before authoring a DVD. Just drop in all your AVI’s select MPEG2 as the output format, and go to bed (don’t forget to press the “process” button first though). Wake up to a collection of MPEG2 files ready to drop into your DVD. Or start processing those MPEGs while you editing the next batch in Vegas. It’s just a great timesaver for batch jobs. Now if I can just get it to clean my basement.

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