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Webinar, 25th Jan, Masking and Compositing in Vegas Pro

Wednesday, January 25, 2012, 11:00am Central Time
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Vegas Pro is often seen as “just” a video editor when in actuality the
software is also an extremely powerful video compositing tool.
Through the use of various masking techniques and tools along with
composite modes and techniques, editors can explore uncharted
creative ground and turn their projects in totally different directions.
Join us for this live web event at 11:00 US Central time on Wednesday,
January 25 as we explore the basics of the various masking tools.
We’ll also delve into a discussion of compositing and learn a bit about
how you might use different composite modes to create interesting looks
and effects in your videos. This webinar is intended to introduce you to
the tools and show you how they work. But it will also get you thinking
in ways that perhaps you haven’t before. Vegas Movie Studio users are
welcome to join the presentation too as many of the techniques we
discuss are available in that software as well.

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