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Vegasaur, Video & Effects

Vegasaur is an advanced scripting extension. It delivers a plethora of automation tools and productivity scripts that enhance the functionality of Vegas™ Pro. Its seamless integration into the Vegas interface saves you precious time and frees you from performing certain menial editing tasks. Unleash the power of Vegasaur and enhance your editing experience today!

Apply/Remove FX
  Create Markers  Pan/Crop Assistant
  • Transcoder: The most powerful and functional tool for batch rendering available today. More than just renderer, the Vegasaur transcoder can automate many recurring production processes.
  • Proxy Media Builder: The easiest and fastest way to create video proxies and intermediaries. Complete control over format, resolution and bitrate.
  • Render Assistant: A collection of post-render actions that are launched after a project is rendered. For example, it can turn off the computer, play a melody or notify you via email when the render is done.
  • Effects: A powerful set of tools for working with audio/video effects including: Apply/Remove FX, Freeze Frame, Photo Snapshot, Rocket Speed, Stereoscopic 3D.
  • 1-Click Commands: A collection of more than 40 one-of-a-kind scripts that provide a one-click solution for many common editing tasks, allowing more effective and efficient editing.
  • Text Generation Wizard: Create various titles, labels, countdown timers, generate text events from regions, create open captions from closed captions, import subtitles, and more.
  • Quick Properties: Easily modify the various properties of events or media files. Create transitions, convert cuts to overlaps, sort events on the timeline.
  • Pan/Crop Assistant: Make pan/crop work for you with full automation for creating picture-in-picture and split screen effects, pan-and-zoom animation, and video walls.
Quick Properties  Render Assistant  Replace Media  Rocket Speed Effect
  • Snapshots: Take the highest-quality stills from your video and manage them through a docked Snapshots window with this tool. Even batch capture multiple frames to create still image sequences.
  • Auditor: Check your projects for various problems and common mistakes made during editing. No more editing errors!
  • Presets Manager: A complete solution to export, import, transfer, backup, and restore almost all presets that are found in Vegas Pro.
  • Markers: Take control of your project’s markers! Create, convert, change, import, export markers in seconds!
  • Project Backups: The automatic backup and autosave solution. It is designed to provide additional protection for projects from accidental loss or damage.
  • Voice Over: An automated audio ducking solution that lowers the volume of background music to make room for voice comments.
  • And many other tools including Archive Project, Replace Media, Select Events, Import 2D Motion Tracking Data, Channel Mapping, Envelope Points, Split Events, Project Properties, Projects History, Bookmarks, Field Order Analyzer, and Sweeper.

System Requirements:
Vegasaur requires Vegas Pro 8.0 or later

Snapshots  Transcoder Job Queue  Transcoder Rendering  Vegasaur Menu


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1 comment to Vegasaur, Video & Effects

  • Morrie

    I am new to vegasaur and find it hard to follow the help screen and was woundering if there is any tutorials or videos i can buy or downloadload to learn the software.
    i am running vegas pro 12

    Thanks Morrie

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