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VEGAS Pro 19 Build 516 (4)

Vegas Pro Update Build 516

New Features:

  • Color grading panel is now available at the media, track, and video output levels
  • Optical Flow slow motion now available for velocity curves and playback rate settings
  • New AI tab in the Video Plugins window
  • Option in Mesh Warp to more smoothly morph image between mesh points
  • Event switch to automatically trim events to show all frames
  • Ability to turn off the preview window during a render
  • New quantize options now available in the options menu
  • Expanded lower limit for playback rate

Bug Fixes 

  • Ghosting which occurred during a render when Optical Flow is applied has been fixed
  • Red text that may be displayed when hovering over a GL Transition preset has been fixed
  • Fixed handling of temporary files during rendering of AVC and HEVC projects
  • Favorite templates in the Render As dialog are now preserved when upgrading from a previous version of VEGAS Pro
  • Legacy AVC and HEVC settings now properly reset when the user clicks Default All in the Preferences dialog
  • Pressing the ESC key with the Render As dialog box open now properly closes the box without rendering the project
  • The “Do not show again” check box in the poor performing media dialog now works properly
  • Border FX now properly handles the Blurred Size parameter with AMD GPUs
  • Fix crash which may occur at startup when not connected to the internet
  • Issue with reduced render quality for some formats has been resolved
  • The Track Length field no longer impedes the functionality of event buttons when a track is minimized
  • Fix issue where Image Sequence does not appear in the format list in the Render As dialog
  • Copy and Paste of a GL Transition now works properly
  • Fixed issue that causes a crash upon exiting the application for some users
  • A410 pixel format is now handled properly
  • Will no longer crash when using the list of recent Transitions
  • Problem in the Explorer Window where only folders are displayed has been fixed
  • The VEGAS Effects button is no longer available on an empty video event, avoiding a crash
  • Render As dialog no longer shows the Render Loop Region Only option as selected and selectable when no loop region is available
  • Appropriately handle RED sidecar files
  • Color Grading Panel is now available after it is unpinned and interface is reset
  • Metadata is now being written correctly for HDR transforms
  • The color correction layout no longer opens VEGAS Hub
  • Pixel format is now available through the script API
  • Fixed SRT file import for the Insert Subtitles functionality
  • Using the arrow keys while navigating the templates pane in the Render As dialog now works as expected
  • Restore Default Layout now also properly restores the Color Grading mode layout
  • Quicktime media will no longer cause a warning message when imported
  • Crash while editing the timeline while it is playing with auto-ripple has been resolved

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