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VEGAS Pro 18 Update 3 (Build 434)

There is a new release of the third update (build 434) for VEGAS Pro 18, focusing primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements. As always, you can download this update through our automatic update feature, or, through the links below.

Your feedback is incredibly important to us. Please let us know what you think in our general discussion thread.

New Features

  • Updated ACES support to version 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crash when using Style Transfer plugin
  • Color Curves plugin now handles HDR values properly
  • Anchor points are now handled properly in the Titles and Text media generator
  • The directory field in the Organize Layouts dialog now persists properly
  • Improved functionality for drag-and-drop in the Motion Tracking panel
  • Open folder button now works properly in the Render Progress window after rendering an image sequence
  • Fixed a crash while editing the Crop plugin
  • 360 mode is now properly retained when you open a new VEGAS session
  • Added a new option to deactivate GPU acceleration for the UI when conflicts exist
  • Hamburger menu configuration dialog will no longer clip options in high DPI environments
  • Expanded the slider range for the Cookie Cutter plugin
  • Vimeo upload now works
  • VideoFX, Media Generators and Transitions plugin windows now retain focus properly
  • RenderAs dialog sizes properly in high DPI environments
  • Long load times have been reduced in projects containing a Warp Flow transition
  • The track buttons in the Motion Tracking panel are now disabled when no region is selected
  • Changing the opacity of a track on the timeline no longer affects event selection
  • Performing an undo when the envelope tool is selected no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed crash when the current user has changed in Windows
  • View transform selection is now retained between launches of VEGAS
  • The motion tracking panel no longer causes a crash when selecting an empty event
  • Fixed a crash the could occur when events are drawn on the timeline
  • Color grading panel will no longer produce large numbers of undo events
  • Drawing of the color wheels in the Color Grading panel has been improved
  • Zoom level in the Video Stabilization plugin is new set properly when loading a project
  • Fixed problem when reading in some MPEG files with AC-3 audio
  • Media Effects will no longer be removed from media that is renamed in the Project Media window
  • Favorites will now properly update in the Explorer window
  • Improved functionality of GPU detection
  • Video Stabilization no longer crashes when applied as a Media Effect to a still image
  • Better handling of the position parameter for some plugins when using the Motion Tracking panel
  • Fixed issue where some transitions were not able to be added to the timeline
  • Double clicking on an FX name will now properly add it to a plugin chain with the default preset
  • Fixed issue where drag-and-drop did not work with compositors on an empty video track
  • Added support for Quadro and 3000 series Nvidia GPUs in the Driver Update window
  • Fixed memory error the may occur when using NVENC templates
  • Fixed crash that can occur when the user is editing clips without trim handles on
  • Issue with some 3rd party Media Generators causing the Media Generator window not to open has been fixed
  • HEVC 4:2:0 media will no longer cause a crash
  • Better support of HEVC 4:2:2 media on Intel processors

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