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Vegas Pro 18 coming

Coming our way in August 2020

If you have VP17 then you can get an upgrade, or if oyu have recently purchased VP17 then it is a free upgrade.

So whats new… (see videos below)

The new version pushes the boundaries of video editing ever further. In VEGAS Pro 18, current features continue to evolve along with cutting-edge new features. Everything is designed to serve your workflow so you can concentrate on editing creativity instead of technical barriers.

Sneak Peak of VEGAS Pro 18

Artificial intelligence driven tools like colourisation
An even more improved Colour Grading panel for more flexibility
More intuitive Motion Tracking workflow

And much more

How and when do I get my new VEGAS Pro 18?

When the new version 18 is released in August, you will receive an email with your serial number and instructions for downloading. Please keep an eye on your spam folder around this time to make sure you don’t miss the email.


More here

Video Stabilisation

Planar Motion Tracking

Nested Timelines

Smart Split Edit

Dynamic storyboard and timeline interaction

Bézier Masking OFX-Plug-in

More here


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