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VEGAS Pro 18 build 527

fifth update (build 527) for VEGAS Pro 18, focusing primarily on bug fixes and performance improvements as well as featuring an open beta for the VEGAS Hub Cloud service for all VEGAS 365

New Features:

  • BETA: VEGAS Hub access for VEGAS 365 users
  • HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 decoding with supported hardware
  • Disk usage field in the Render Progress dialog

Bug Fixes:

  • Scale & Location tracking mode no longer missing from Bezier Mask tracking
  • YouTube and Vimeo uploads now work
  • Bezier masks with 32 or more curve points will no longer crash when rotating the mask
  • Now will disable the “Hardware Decoder to use” field in preferences if no hardware decoder can be used
  • Resetting color grading after a Camera LUT has been apply no longer crashes.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when adjusting the HLS and Input/Output slider in the Color Grading panel
  • Issues with recent Windows Update and AC3 decoding have been resolved
  • Minimizing VEGAS while doing a batch render will properly keep the Render Progress dialog minimized as well
  • Driver update utility now sees Xe Max GPUs
  • Video Stabilization no longer crashes after applying a preset
  • Fixed scenario where Render As dialog is not visible when launched

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VEGAS Pro 18:


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1 comment to VEGAS Pro 18 build 527

  • I am having some extremely serious issues with Vegas Pro 18. I use this product at leave 5 times a week – so this is NOT a gripe – I have no issues before this last update – with the exception of a few crashes
    I have un and re – installed several times – no one is answering in tech support or sales – just a robot guy – I need help
    The issue is – when I click Play or Press Spacebar – nothing happens – I go to Options/Preferences – Hit Default All/Apply/OK and everything is operational again for about 30 seconds and it begins again – then it crashes – I have deadlines I have to meet – I would seriously appreciate advice and/or contact from Tech Support

    Thanks In Advance

    Here’s My computer info:

    Creation Station by Sweetwater
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80GHz 2.81 GHz
    Installed RAM 64.0 GB (63.9 GB usable)

    System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

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