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Vegas Pro 18 Build 373 Update

New Features

  • Drag and drop of motion data available in the Motion tracking panel
  • Interlaced presets now available for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that could occur in while using the Crop plugin
  • Masking plugins properly handle alpha value in both 8 bit and 32 bit pixel formats
  • Region of Interest in the Video Stabilization plugin now does not resize during a mouse move
  • Default project and render settings have been changed to a more commonly used properties
  • Turn off GPU acceleration of some of the UI components if an application is running that conflicts with the GPU resources
  • The Premiere export functionality completes successfully now without an error stating a component is missing
  • Bezier Mask overlay now rotates as expected
  • Color curve adjustments in the color grading panel no longer reset when multiple events are selected
  • A failure of proxy generation will no longer affect normal video reading
  • Bezier Mask oval mask no longer deforms when rotated
  • Transparency for the Picture-in-picture plugin now works as expected on all AMD GPUs
  • If a user resets the Video Stabilization effect, instructions reappear to notify the user how to use the plugin
  • Fixed issue in Driver Update dialog which caused the application to hang on some AMD GPUs
  • Style Transfer plugin now works properly in 32 bit projects
  • The render progress dialog will always show the proper text when the render has completed
  • Crash on startup while initializing the File I/O manager has been fixed
  • Black Bar Fill plugin correctly blurs the background when expanded
  • Color Curves FX no longer clips the scopes if placed after the Levels plugin
  • Channel Blend plugin now has consistent output with version in VEGAS Pro 17
  • Corrected the limited range conversion during render when using 32-bit video levels
  • Support for newer, higher performing models for Style Transfer and Colorize plugins
  • User interface no longer refreshes unnecessarily when the Motion Tracking panel is reopened
  • Fixed problem where the render progress dialog will not appears on some systems
  • Restoration of older proxy generation mechanism to fix performance problems
  • Now filtering out unsupported 4:2:2 10 bit HEVC that are decoded with the Intel HEVC decoder files which may cause a crash or result in artefacts being displayed

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