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VEGAS Pro 17/ VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

Announcement of the release of the fifth update for VEGAS Pro 17/VEGAS POST (build 452), as well as the third update for VEGAS Image (version 1.2) and VEGAS Effects (version 1.3). Below you will find a detailed list of all the bug fixes and enhancements. As always, you can update through the links below, or with the auto-update feature.

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VEGAS Pro 17/VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

Bug Fixes

  • Warp Flow transition will now work properly for all CPUs
  • Slider value box in the color grading panel will work properly for all localized versions
  • Fixed problem where white balance did not work
  • Changes to color grading sliders will now be reflected on the color wheels
  • Fine movement of automation points on the timeline will now work correctly in all cases
  • Handling of HEVC media has been improved
  • Added additional options for the auto while balance feature to allow for results consistent with previous versions
  • Fixed crashes in the AMD decoder
  • Improved the preferences for hardware decoding to help simplify the user experience
  • eFX preset selection is now working properly
  • Fixed support for m4v and m4a files
  • Crash on launch which some users have experienced has been resolved
  • Selecting media in Project Media window will present correct file properties at all times
  • In MAGIX Intermediate render plugin, added support for 720×480 resolution with progressive and interlaced formats

VEGAS Image (Update 3, Version 1.2)
This new version adds brush masks, the ability to move, rotate and resize multiple layers, a multi-point gradient effect, a light rays effect, a lens distortion effect, a halftone effect, raw denoise, performance improvements, and the usual enhancements and fixes.


  • Added Brush Masks, which let you quickly paint masks onto layers or effects.
  • You can now move, rotate and resize multiple selected layers at once.
  • Add a “Multi-point Gradient” effect, in which you can create gradients using an unlimited amount of colored points.
  • Added a “Light Rays” effect, which uses bright spots to cast light rays in your scene.
  • RAW assets now have a bespoke denoise algorithm, which can remove defect pixels and larger noise patterns.
  • Added a “Lens Distortion” effect, which can be used to perform lens-based adjustments, such as barrel/pincushion distortion or chromatic aberration.
  • Added a “Halftone” effect, which can produce a stylized newspaper print effect.
  • Added support for Chinese (Simplified) localization.


  • Changed the way the canvas resize dialog works to speed up initial asset importing.
  • Slightly improved the performance of our render engine.
  • The Black & White, Colorize Black & White, Saturation Editor, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, and Rotational Motion Blur effects are now significantly faster.
  • You can now change the mask overlay color in the settings menu.
  • Improved and fixed some issues with the blend-if controls.


  • Dragging a layer to the bottom of a closed group is now ordered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the layer’s opacity slider would behave incorrectly if clicked at the bottom of it.
  • Resetting a color mask now resets all of its properties correctly.
  • Resetting the transform of a text layer will no longer change the layer’s size to the size of the canvas.
  • Fixed instability when you dragged images onto the canvas from a web browser.
  • Locked layers can no longer be moved via multiple selection.
  • Resetting a vector mask now resets all of its properties correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting a preset drop-down would reset the selected item as well.
  • Fixed an issue where a text layer’s size mode would not size to fixed when you resized them.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling the save of a project template could cause the application to get stuck.
  • Fixed instability when closing the application while the preview window is open.
  • Fixed issue with the Threshold effect not working correctly at 100% opacity.
  • Fixed issue with Long shadow rendering incorrectly when scaling the layer.

VEGAS Effects (Update 3, Version 1.3)

This update focuses on bug fixes, fine-tuning the default options of the export process for a better user experience and improving the performance of hardware decoding on Windows systems.


  • The File >  Export option now defaults to exporting the entire contents of the timeline, rather than exporting the In/Out area.
  • The YouTube 1080p export preset now uses a Level of 5.1, for improved compatibility with older video players.


  • Improved stability of AMD and NVIDIA hardware decoding.
  • Improved compatibility with AAC media, so it imports correctly.
  • Improved compatibility with ProRes files, so the ProRes 4444 codec now imports correctly.
  • The performance and stability of FBX models in the software has been improved.
  • Motion blur now works correctly with FBX models.
  • Improved a rare stability issue involving deleting media from the Media panel.
  • Composite shots deleted in the Media panel no longer appear in the Viewer, or cause stability issues.
  • Canceling the render of a composite shot containing ambient occlusion no longer causes stability issues.
  • Using the mouse wheel to zoom the Viewer when the frame contains reflections no longer causes stability issues.
  • Editing the timeline location of keyframes on a parented layer no longer causes stability issues.
  • The Gamma handle on the Levels Histogram effect now displays correctly.
  • Exported files will no longer be removed from your hard drive without warning when the software is closed.
  • Changing the configuration of multiple displays no longer causes dialogs to open offscreen and be inaccessible.
  • Composite shots containing the Speed/Duration tool now render correctly.
  • Chromatic Aberration is now downsampling correctly.
  • When a user switches timelines, the scopes now update correctly to represent the contents of the current timeline.
  • Pre-rendering a composite shot now accurately includes all frames, without duplicates.
  • The font used in Parade Scopes now supports High DPI / Retina displays.

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2 comments to VEGAS Pro 17/ VEGAS POST (Update 5, Build 452)

  • I have the latest (for this version) Vegas Pro 17 Build 455. Is it worth to move to Vegas Pro 19? I don’t use any advanced functions, so I will think about V19 if it’s faster/more stabile than V17.

  • Dominique Delgrange

    Vegas pro 17 Build 452 Lors de l’étalonnage le bouton Ajustement auto ne fonctionne pas il est situé entre réinitialiser et balance des couleurs.
    Merci pour votre aide

    Vegas pro 17 Build 452 During calibration the Auto Adjust button does not work it is located between reset and color balance.
    Thanks for your help

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