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VEGAS Pro 15 Update 3 (build 311)

This patch addresses many issues that were keeping some of you from using the new So4compoundplug, and it will make that much more stable for you. There are a few other fixes and a few new/imroved features as well. The list below gives you specifics of Update #3. We look forward to your feedback in our general discussion thread.

You can download the build 311 now at:

Here are the patch notes for this update:

New Features

  • Updated support for RED Epic Dragon, Raven, Scarlet, and Weapon files
  • The LUT OFX filter now taps into graphics card GPU for faster performance
  • Reduce memory footprint of so4compoundplug and improve load performance for very large projects
  • Preview framerate during crossfades when using the So4 Compound Reader has been improved

Bug Fixes

  • Stereo tracks from certain file types which were improperly imported as multiple mono tracks are now properly imported to stereo tracks
  • Audio from Xiaomi Yi 4k or greater files now plays correctly with so4compoundplug
  • DJI Spark files with variable frame rate files are now properly supported
  • Fixed an issue with not being able to delete media file used in Vegas Project even after closing project
  • Video from the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
  • Video event buttons no longer disappear when entering expanded edit mode or expanded track mode
  • The Active Take Information (and other event text items) no longer react to the Button Highlight Color preference
  • The audio in ProRess 422 files created through Convergent Design hardware is now handled properly
  • XAVC now properly shows up as an option in the Prerender Video format list
  • The Render As dialog’s Name field no longer locks after rending to a Panasonic P2 file
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on exiting the software when the project uses interlaced files and you close it without saving
  • AVC files created by MP4 Creator no longer crash when not using the QSV decoder
  • Audio from HEVC video shot with the GoPro HERO6 is now properly supported
  • Improved stability of the Defocus and Starburst effects when running with an AMD GPU
  • Video created with unusual aspect ratios are now properly handled
  • AVC/PCM audio files no longer distort during playback
  • AVC/MOV 29.97 files from the iPhone 6s are now handled properly
  • The LUT FIlter is now handled properly in 8bit pixel format projects with GPU acceleration of video processing set to off
  • The Border plug-in now properly recognizes when a frame size has been changed with GPU active
  • Video form the Samsung Galaxy S8 is now properly decoded through Intel QSV decoder
  • It is now possible to render 10-bit HEVC files using SkyLake or older processors with QSV

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