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Vegas Sticks on “creating video plug-in factory”

If you are getting the problem “creating video plug-in factory” be it in Vegas Pro
Or Platinum versions. It stays on this screen until manually closed.
I found it to be a problem with a New Blue (NB) installation, but only with
32bit versions 64bit was fine.
I found the Installation NB in programs in the main installation drive (C: )
I renamed the NB Folder to some other name (don’t forget the original name)
, and loaded Vegas Pro again , this time it worked.

You could also look in C:/Programs Files(x86)/ Common Files/NewBlue or /OFX

I renamed the NB folder back to the original name and the program stalled
on loading at the same point.  I then un-installed NB and re-installed and all
was well again.   Make sure you have Serial number of NB before removing

UPDATE (sept 2012)

Also found updating new Blue FX 4, fixed the problem on 32Bit versions of the software running on Win 7.

(I was also getting Error 2147163964 and GetLastError:5, Error 1603, when trying to update 32bit versions)

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