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VEGAS 19 Build 550 (Update 4)

The release of build 550 (Update 4) for VEGAS Pro 19. Some critical updates and important changes are included, so make sure to download this through our automatic update feature or the links below.

As always, we would love your feedback. Please tell us what you think in our general discussion thread.

VEGAS Pro 19 (Build 550)

New Features

  • Apple ProRes files are now supported for both import and export
  • Color grading panel is now available at the media, track, and video output levels
  • Optical Flow slow motion now available for velocity curves and playback rate settings
  • An expanded lower limit for playback rate
  • Event switch to automatically trim events to show all frames
  • Resampling mode revamp including Disable Resampling as the default
  • Option in Mesh Warp to more smoothly morph image between mesh points
  • Ability to show unquantized event edges
  • Ability to turn off the preview window during a render
  • New AI tab in the Video Plugins window
  • VEGAS Hub and Hub Explorer now part of the default layout
  • BETA: Speech to Text functionality including automatic subtitle generation and export of SRT, SUB, and TXT files

Bug Fixes 

  • Favorite templates in the Render As dialog are preserved when upgrading from a previous version of VEGAS Pro
  • Ghosting that occurred during a render when Optical Flow is applied has been fixed
  • Red text that may be displayed when hovering over a GL Transition preset has been fixed
  • Fixed handling of temporary files during rendering of AVC and HEVC projects
  • Legacy AVC and HEVC settings now properly reset when the user clicks Default All in the Preferences dialog
  • Pressing the ESC key with the Render As dialog box open now properly closes the box without rendering the project
  • The “Do not show again” check box in the poor performing media dialog now works properly
  • Border FX now properly handles the Blurred Size parameter with AMD GPUs
  • Fix crash which may occur at startup when not connected to the internet
  • An issue with reduced render quality for some formats has been resolved
  • The Track Length field no longer impedes the functionality of event buttons when a track is minimized
  • Fix issue where Image Sequence does not appear in the format list in the Render As dialog
  • Copy and Paste of a GL Transition now works properly
  • Fixed issue that causes a crash upon exiting the application for some users
  • A410 pixel format is now handled properly
  • Will no longer crash when using the list of recent Transitions
  • A problem in the Explorer Window where only folders are displayed has been fixed
  • The VEGAS Effects button is no longer available on an empty video event, avoiding a crash
  • Render As dialog no longer shows the Render Loop Region Only option as selected and selectable when no loop region is available
  • Appropriately handle RED sidecar files
  • Color Grading Panel is now available after it is unpinned and the interface is reset
  • Metadata is now being written correctly for HDR transforms
  • The color correction layout no longer opens VEGAS Hub
  • The pixel format is now available through the script API
  • Fixed SRT file import for the Insert Subtitles functionality
  • Using the arrow keys while navigating the templates pane in the Render As dialog now works as expected
  • Restore Default Layout now also properly restores the Color Grading mode layout
  • Quicktime media will no longer cause a warning message when imported
  • Fixed an issue that caused a prolonged application freeze when deleting or cutting an event while playing the project with auto-ripple engaged
  • Fixed crash that may occur when switching between parent and nested projects
  • Choosing the default layout now properly closes the Color Grading Panel and sets it back to its defaults
  • Correctly handle IPCM audio in XAVC HS files
  • Correct metadata is now read for AVC/MP4 files that were rendered to but were previously opened in VEGAS


Direct Download Link

VEGAS Pro 19:

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