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transcode Hi-def source video for high quality web delivery


  • The Levels Issue
    • Most modern PC players, including all web-based delivery tested, expect 16-235
      and map it out to 0-255 summarily, whether the video needs it or not.
      This is completely irrespectful of the codec used. None of these players or
      services do a levels analysis pass (yet) or honor RGB flags. They do a blind,
      dumb correction instead.
    • Most amateur video, the vast preponderance of what is uploaded to the internet for
      viewing and / or download, IS NOT SHOT IN A CONTROLLED 16-235 SPACE.
      This is very important to understand. Much (most?) of it is clipped at 255 already.
      Recommending that it come back clipped even more as a result of doing nothing
      is not good advice.
    • It is unfortunate, but most amateurs who override autoexposure controls, do so in
    • order to see an image on their camera LCD displays in bright sunlight. The common
      word for this practice is “clipping.” The vast majority of amateurs do not have
      access to video scopes, nor do they care. In most cases, applying a stock Studio
      RGB correction ensures exactly what they shot is what they get back in playback or
      web delivery, whether right or wrong, but not for better or worse. Even in the cases
      where blacks are not initially all the way down to 0, applying the correction is
      subjectively better than none at all, because the human eye naturally gravitates to
      the highlight details, not the shadows.
    • More with videos, links and write up.

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