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Training Cameracraft

Camera Craft training is a great way to to get  up that steep learning curve when you first start.
Learn the tricks of the trade, how to make the most of your equipment. Aimied Videographers wanting to improve their skills be they beginners or more advanced beginners, be it for corporate or wedding  situations.

A sample agenda, that can be amended to suit your personal requirements.


Camera Craft,


Work flow, how important it is to have everything planned, the right equipment, be at the right place at the right time, making best use of available resources

Lighting, 3 point lighting and making use of available lighting, Colour , Inverse law balance/Temperature, Whit Balance, Light Intensity, shaping, shadows, DOF.

Audio, Nature of sound, inverse law, types of microphones, Rifle, Cardioid , Radio, Applications, Monitoring, Record levels

Practical Examples with your kit.

Critique of  your work, with feedback and suggestions for improvement.

Shoot an interview with techniques learned above.

Introduction to  NLE. (Non Linear Editing)

Contact me for more details

With over twenty years of filming and editing, Zulqar Cheema M.M.Inst.V has been using Sony Vegas for the past ten years since its release as version 3.0.  Zulqar has also taught “video for beginners” at the local Colleges in the past and also been a contributor in “Video Skills” a training book for the Institute of Videographer (  He has worked for Sony Creative Software, attending major shows demonstrating and running seminars on Sony Vegas at such venues as the BVE in London, the IOV show at the Richo Arena, Dubai show and various in-house training for SCS.

Zulqar has also  completed the official Sony Vegas user, editor and now the Trainer courses, makes him qualified to officially offer training from novices to advanced.
You can also find Zulqar on various bulletin boards contributing to questions about Sony Vegas.

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