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Tips on increasing low audio on a track

Tips on increasing low audio on a track
1 – Right click on the audio and and then >> SWITCHES >>NORMILIZE.  That will bring the audio up to the loudest part of the audio, if it does not seem to do anything, look for the biggest audio peak and trim the audio until you can no longer see it and try again.  This will make the loudest bit of the audio very loud or distort, so use the rubber banding to bring
down again.
2 – Use the rubber banding to increase (or decrease) the audio, highlight the track header on the right (where the faders are), it should turn blue. Press V (for volume) and a blue line will appear (pressing P will bring a PAN line which is red).  You double click on the line to make nodes and then push the line up or drag it down, normally four nodes are needed to raise a increase/decrease the volume on a section.  The quick way to do it is to drag the cursor in the area that has the TIMECODE on the left and you will get a highlighted section in BLUE, the grab the line and push up or drag down to adjust levels.
3 – At the track header, where the Volume and Pan sliders are, click on the TRACK FX (normally green). On the TRACK COMPRESSOR tab, from the PRESET drop down box, try the “[Sys} 3:1 compression starting at-15dB” to help boost the audio. Also try clicking on the Green Icon  (top right) “PLUG IN CHAIN” and the select the “Wave Hammer Surround” and click OK. (or you can double click to add). on the drop down box, select “[Sys] Voice”. This boosts the voices really well, try the sliders to adjust to taste.
Do bear in mind increasing the audio to much will result in louder background noises and hiss (you can try the noise reduction plugin to help with this a certain amount), also use the “Track EQ” to adjust the tonal qualities of the audio.

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