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Template For transistions

Try this:

1. Create a directory full of 600 photos, named or numbered in a consistent manner (e.g., pic001.jpg, pic002.jpg).

2. Create a Vegas project that uses the 600 photos with transitions in the way that you like. Save the project in the same directory as the photos. Close the project.

3. Create a new directory with photos named in the same fashion (i.e., the same names).

4. Copy the Vegas project (.veg) file from the first directory to the second.

5. Rename the first directory so Vegas won’t find the photos there (this is the magic part).

6. Open the project from the second directory. Since Vegas can’t find the photos using their full path, it use a “relative” path based on the .veg file location, and finds the new photos.

7. Edit as necessary (i.e., trim project based on the total number of photos, etc.).

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