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Error 2147163964 & GetLastError:5 During Install

This seems a big topic, so I’ll try to clarify the procedure (19 Feb 2015)

If you are getting the above error during the install of Sony Vegas ( I got it when trying to update VP11 to 701)



Vegas Sticks on “creating video plug-in factory”

If you are getting the problem “creating video plug-in factory” be it in Vegas Pro Or Platinum versions. It stays on this screen until manually closed. I found it to be a problem with a New Blue (NB) installation, but only with 32bit versions 64bit was fine. I found the Installation NB in programs in […]

ERROR: 1603 ocurred during installation

I was having this problem recently, trying to upgrade SV11 to built 521. I am running Win 7 Pro and solved it using the following website.

You have to remove the locks on the folders once that is done it works

To find the right folders to un-lock wait till the installation fails and read […]