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Sony Z100 4K Camera Edit

The scope of this review is not so much to see the fine details of the operation of the camera. This is to see how the work flow works within an edit suite (Sony Vegas 12) with a 4K camera and make a two camera edit from the one 4K image. I must thank kanta […]

Getting on board with the 4K revolution

Getting on board with the 4K revolution

Over the past 10 years or so, we’ve all been settling into the idea of HD video. Most videographers have made the switch from standard definition DV deliveries to shooting and delivering at 1920×1080 or some other HD format. But as usual, technology marches on, and several […]

Is 4K any good for us?

See a write up that has contribution form myself.

“For wedding videographer Zulqar Cheema, the ability to crop images but maintain HD resolution is a real benefit, allowing him to create multiple shots from a single camera position. “Instead of doing a wide shot and a close up, with 4K I can just shoot wide […]