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Speeding – Slowing media Clips

In Vegas there are a few different ways to speed up clips and will run through those in this tutorial.
You may want to slow or speed up clips for dramatic, romantic, pace reasons. this is valid for most versions of Sony Vegas.

I am going to use 1 minute of generated media for this tutorial, this has no audio but will make no difference to this tutorial.  If your media has audio then the sound will speed up or slow down if the Video & Audio clip are locked together and the speed is adjusted. To avoid this use the “Ignore Event Grouping” to prevent the sound change, you can re-lock after adjusting the speed.

The standard procedure to adjust the speed of a piece of media is to right click the media and use the “Insert/Remove Envelope > Velocity”, this will add a green line on the media. DO NOT use this to not show (remove) the line as it will reset it, use the VIEW menu “View > Show Envelopes” (CTRL+SHIFT+E) this will hide them and not reset them.

Insert Envolope








velocity Line






As you can see in the image a above a line has been added and on the far left at the start of the envelope is a little square, that’s the first key frame. You can right clip the little square to get some presets and options.

Speed options













If you push the line up, this will speed the clip up, BUT do look out for the NOTCH at the top of the clip, that indicates the clip is repeating at this point, so will you need to trim the clip from the right to the NOTCH.  If you push the line up to the 200% (2X) then the notch in the image above will be at the 30 second mark, so the clip is running at twice speed.

With the line all the way down the clip reverses at normal speed and if set to 0% then the clip is a still from the first frame onwards.

Velocity rubber banding








You can double click the line to add a key frame and this will allow the line to me changed from that point onwards you to change the speed and or velocity of the clip from this point onwards.  You could use it to speed the clip up at a certain point and then resume back to normal speed.  You can highlight a section and push the velocity line up at in the selected area and make a quick speed selection as shown in the image above. If you hold your mouse over the velocity line and push and hold the SHIFT key the cursor will change to a pen and you can draw you speed now (from version SV10 onwards)

Another way to speed or slow a clip down is to right click the media and choose “Properties”


Right Click menu properties









In the Playback rate box you can enter your own figure to adjust the speed, (Min 0.250 – Max 4) .
You can use this with the velocity envelope to increase the speed more then you can with the envelope on its own


Right Click menu full properties













There is one more way of slowing and speeding up a clip, this will also allow you to make the clip the exact size to need. This is the quickest way of doing it is you just grab the end of the clip and then press and hold the CTRL key down and the box with there the mouse is will have a zig zag line below it or what looks like a spring. Just pull to slow the media down or push the clip to speed it up,  to the required speed .  You will see a Spring line appear in the middle of the clip when you have done this to a  clip. you can also use the velocity envelope with this to add additional speed to a clip

Squeeze clip


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