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Sony Vegas pro 11 released

  • GPU Accelerated Video Processing — Working with OpenCL-supported devices from AMD and NVIDIA, Vegas Pro 11 leverages GPU acceleration for the core video processing engine, video effects, transitions, compositing, pan/crop, track motion and encoding, providing a significantly faster workflow. Details regarding these improved processes can be found at
  • Sync Link — More powerful than Event Grouping, this comprehensive editing feature enables users to easily organize and synchronize events on the timeline. Secondary audio and B-roll video clips can be edited independently of each other while remaining in sync with the primary clip.
  • 2D and 3D Text Tools — Quickly create dynamic and visually stunning text animations and effects within Vegas Pro 11. Add 3D titles with the new Titler Pro from NewBlueFX, a great addition to the stereoscopic 3D workflow. Users can manipulate text down to the character level and on the X, Y, and Z axes. Stylized 2D motion can be applied to text events using the Titles and Text tool or with the improved ProType titler.
  • Advanced Video Stabilization — Featuring motion analysis on all three camera axes, this new stabilization technology allows users to reduce jittery or shaky video caused by handheld recording devices, as well as eliminating rolling shutter problems inherent in most CMOS camera imagers. Stabilization is now implemented as an OpenFX plug-in which provides greater flexibility and power.
  • Improved NVIDIA 3D Vision Support — Users can now edit on single-display 3D computers including VAIO F Series 3D laptops and VAIO L Series All-in-One 3D desktop systems.
  • New Render Template Filtering — New render dialogs create a more efficient environment for searching and filtering render templates speeding up the workflow for finalizing output forma

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