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Sony Creative Media looking for Beta testers

As many of you know, Sony was among the first NLE companies to break the 4 GB memory barrier with the 2008 release of Vegas 8.1, our first 64-bit native application. It’s no secret that 64-bit operating systems are the best choice for high-end performance, especially when working with demanding HD, 3D, 2K, and 4K content. Many video professionals have already transitioned to systems running 64-bit versions of Windows Vista and Windows 7, and the exciting release of Windows 8 64-bit on the horizon will further accelerate that migration. By focusing exclusively on 64-bit operating systems going forward, native 64-bit support for Vegas Pro and our OpenCL effects engine, we’ll be able to overcome many of the limitations of legacy 32-bit software/hardware architecture. Optimizing exclusively for today’s 64-bit systems will enable you to enjoy superior performance and improved stability for memory-intensive projects and formats.

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