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Sapphire Edge Video Effects Plug-In

  • Extensive, easy-to-search portfolio of pre-built looks
    • Preset browser to view pre-built looks on your own footage
    • Comes with over 350 high-quality preset looks
  • Streamlined set of parameters
    • Provides key controls with easy-to-adjust sliders
    • Reduces design complexity and production time
  • Powered by the industry’s premiere effects engine
    • Powered by the same proven industry standard that powers
      Sapphire to ensure maximum speed, stability, and image quality
  • Stay updated with FX Central introductory offer
    • Includes a one-year subscription to FX Central – a curated portfolio
      of exclusive and signature pre-built looks
    • Download looks from FX Central monthly to keep your Sapphire
      Edge collection fresh and relevant

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