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Sapphire Edge Discontinued

No further updates will be released as of the 1st of September and support will cease after December 31st 2014

That’s the trouble with software, you purchase in good faith only to find after a few years it is next to useless in the new edit suite and the money is down the drain, at least with a real object e.g. a car you can always try and fix it or sell it on, or admire it on the road.

Read Gen Arts e-mail…

After much consideration, GenArts has decided to discontinue Sapphire Edge.

Why is GenArts discontinuing Edge?
As we continue our commitment to create the highest quality visual effects software, we are focusing our efforts on making Sapphire, our flagship plugin suite, a more accessible product that will meet the evolving demands of post production.

When will sales and support stop?
Effective today, Sapphire Edge is no longer available for purchase.

No further updates to Edge will be released as of September 01, 2014, and support for Sapphire Edge will stop after December 31, 2014.

We strongly suggest that you save and back up your installers and license information in a safe place prior to this date. To learn how to back up your files, please refer to thediscontinuation section in the Sapphire Edge FAQ.

What are the options for Sapphire Edge owners moving forward?
We understand one of the benefits of Sapphire Edge is its streamlined workflow, which is why we would like to offer Edge users a comparable solution at a promotional price.

That said, we ask that you stay tuned for a special deal regarding Sapphire 8, which will become available later this year.

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