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Rendering tips for DVD-A by John Meyer

By John Meyer  from thread

1. NEVER use the Default template. The quality settings are totally screwed up. ALWAYS use one of the “DVD Architect” templates (PAL/NTSC/4:3/16:9, as appropriate).

2. ALWAYS use a bitrate calculator to determine the average bitrate (when using variable bitrate) or the constant bitrate when using CBR. I’ve done thousands and thousands of renders and have never once had to re-do a render. (OK, I’ve had to re-do a lot of renders, but never because the file size was too large to fit on a DVD).

3. Don’t bother using 2-pass variable bitrate unless your project is longer than 85 minutes.

4. There are several good bitrate calculators you can use, some of which have already been posted (I even have one that I developed!). However, if you want, you can simply go to this site and enter the numbers into a web form:

Videohelp Bitrate Calculator

5. Don’t mess with any of the other settings in the MPEG-2 encoder other than the average bitrate and the video rendering quality (found under the Project tab once you click the Custom button in the Render As dialog).

6. Speaking of the video rendering quality, some people always set it to Best. You can do this, but there is a significant performance penalty if you do this, and Sony claims, and I have done test which confirm this, that there is no improvement in quality if all your source media is the same resolution as your output render. However, if your source media is higher or lower resolution than your output (for example, rendering HD to DVD resolution, or rendering still photos to pretty much any resolution), then you DEFINITELY should set the rendering quality to Best. Otherwise, leave it at Good and save yourself a lot of rendering time. Don’t ever use anything less than Good.

Download Bit rate calculator

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