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Vegas Render Templates for DVD (PAL)

Render Templates for rendering MPEG for DVD in Sony vegas.

Please note the Audio is not selected, that is rendered separately as AC3

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2 comments to Vegas Render Templates for DVD (PAL)

  • Duncan Hood

    Thanks Cheema

    Mybasic question is, Can I change the default format in which VegasPro saves audio files that I make within the program? For example, I have a file open and decide to add audio. I click the record button and make a recording. That recording is automatically saved as a .wav file.

    Can I change the default format of files recorded within VegasPro?



    • Zulqar Cheeema

      I don’t think you can as you need to record at best, as you will be manipulating the audio during the edit, if you use mp3 (which is lossy) then your audio degrades when you do the final edit.

      You could re render the wave files as mp3 within a new Vegas project, use a script that will render out regions.

      Once done drag the files using right click and drop over original waves as a TAKE and then delete the originals, but seems long winded.

      What s wrong with Wav files?

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