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Render AC3 (TS) for DVD-A files from Vegas Pro 14 onwards

In versions of Vegas Pro VP 15 and onwards, the ability to render out to an AC3 file stopped.

I found out the hard way my Vegas Pro 12 (yes I still use it, quick projects) had got corrupted and I was unable to add any plugins , with it crashing.  So I thought I would use VP18 , I had it for seem time and had used in the past, for more complicated projects that went out as MP4

(I managed to get VP12 sorted by resetting it, Hold the CTRL+SHIFT keys down while firing up Vegas 12)

So I edited my video and then when I came to render out to make my DVD for the client, I found that I could not use AC3, as I normally would do.  I do this as the file size is small and allows good quality footage of up to 2 hours on a DVD.  In the end I use an MPG rendering template I had made in the past with audio, in this case as the video was only 70 minutes long , I ended up with a file size of about 3.2Gb.  DVD-did its usual and said the file was too big for the DVD , but it relented and all was well in the end.

I then went on the hunt to fix this issue, but not finding much out there apart form telling me to use Voukoder. (
So I downloaded and installed in to VP18 and it appeared in the render box.
I then set it to AC3  @192Kb/s and the output as AC3 , the after render I found that DVD-A did not accept the AC3 file.  So a bit more hunting and I was told to download a program form “MediaInfo“. use that to see the data about the render files.
(MediaInfo is a convenient unified display of the most relevant technical and tag data for video and audio files.)

After viewing and comparing the files in the program , (you can open more than one instance)
I noticed the Vegas AC3 files 48Khz sampling rate and the Voukoder was 44.1Khz.
So I rendered a AC3 file from Vegas 12 using 44.1Khz sampling rate and that would not work in DVD-A, so assumed that was the issue. I could not find anywhere Voukoder how to adjust the sampling rate, but I per-chanced across and output file format called Transport Streaming (TS) , vaguely remembering it from the past in Vegas & other sources. So I rendered it out in the TS format and dropped that in DVD_A and it worked, at last I thought.

So I thought I would share it here for you

If you still want want to render separate Video and Audio files for  DVD-A,
DVD-A will still convert it , so not a total fix for the next section further down solves that

Use these settings…
Encoder = AC3
Options = b=192000 copyright=1 dialnorm=-31 original=1
Filters = NONE
Transport Stream (.ts)

Use these settings to use an AC3 file in DVD-A with no render

( ALT + Enter > Audio > Sample rate (Hz) = 48K

Encoder = AC3
Options = b=192000 copyright=1 dialnorm=-31 original=1
Filters = NONE
Audio Codec 3 (ac.3)

(thanks to R Smith for helping solve the last bit of this)–133988/#write-comment

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