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Plural Eyes & Grouped Media

Just downloaded the new update to my Plural Eyes 3.3 today, it adds some new features including smart start.  Tried that and then noticed there is no export to Sony Vegas, though it will work from within it.  See my video tutorial on this site or see here.

I downloaded it and gave it a try and used the same media as my original tutorial to see if there was anything I should be aware of before I start any big projects.

I imported my JVC HM700 clips, which are a maximum of 18 minutes in duration as SV does not join the clips together to make one large file if the duration is longer than 18 minutes.( it does for my Panasonic GH1)

So what I did was grouped the clips together so I could move them as one, i did this for the two  halves of the production I filmed.  I then added my footage form the GH1 and the audio from my Zoom H4n.  Clicked on the Plural Eyes (PE) button to open the project up and then clicked on the synchronize , all went went and then went for Export.


 Thats when I noticed it had Synced the GH1 and the Zoom but only the last 5 minutes or so of the JVC footage was on the timeline at the end of each half of the show.  Thinking I had managed to forget something or did something wrong, I tried a few more times with no better results, looked at the help on Red Giant (which was not that helpful in this case).

So I decided to restart the project with just the JVC clips and nothing else, tried that in PE and obviously there was no option to sync as there was nothing do for it. Then I added the Zoom audio and opened PE again, synced, then export and all seemed to be going well, it was looking good.  Added the GH1 clips ran through the same procedure and everything was fine this time and seemed well again.
So the morale seems to be that grouped clips are not liked by PE or SV when they are synced.








There is one thing to check before you start to make any cuts and start work is that as the JVC is split into many clips, CHECK the joins as PE will crossfade or make a gap on a clip by a frame or two, which in itself does not seem to bad, but you will then have a gap at the end of that clip, leaving a hole in the audio and vision for that track.


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