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Plug-Ins Various



Here you will find links to plugins that work inside Sony Vegas.


Video plugins                            Audio Plugins


Video Wall for Sony Vegas, Create Complex Video Walls


VelvetMatter  A suite of lighting FX for Sony Vegas software      
New Blue A wide variety of plugs for Vegas      
Pixelan Titling, compositing, transitions, FX




  WAVES Everything tools. Spot’s #1 fave!
Prodad Compositing, transitions, FX






Ozone, Trash, Vinyl, Spot’s other #1 fave!
Panopticum FX, compositing

Demo Engraver

Demo Lens Pro





Great plug for punching up audio
Boris Titling Effects, Compositing




  Direct X Files



Page chock-full of free DX plugins

12 presets for WAX (zip file)



Compositing, morphing, FX




  Noise Reduction



Sony’s Noise-Killer
Forged Images Vegas Importer Import Vegas EDL files directly into Adobe After Effects   PSP Audioware



Polish group, amazing tools for a very reasonable price. Some free stuff here too.
Cayman Graphics Title tools (coming soon)   Sound Soap Pro



A great noise reduction tool
Zenote FX, film look tools




  Freeverb A very nice free reverb.
Color Corrector 6 channel color corrector




  Clone Ensemble Very sweet tool for fattening vocals or SFX
Scott’s Cubes Transitions (2)




  Spin VST Adapter Allows you to use VST plugs inside of Vegas
Red Giant Home of the Magic Bullet plug-in




  NCH Tone Gen Tone generator and noise generator.
Smart Smoother Based on the V-Dub filter of same name.




  ACID Freak Mondo list of free plugs
Noise Reducer Based on the V-Dub filter of same name.




  Sound Laundry A group of plugs for cleaning up bad audio.
Auto-Levels Based on V-Dub filter of same name.




  Blue Cat Music Software



Various DX plugins, some of them very nice, many are free.
Excalibur Multi-camera and other tools      
Ball Transition Another goodie from Mike Crash      
G-Spot Helps you find what codec has been used to encode/compress a video file.




Celluloid 21 Filmlooks for Ultimate S or Celluloid      
StillMotion This plug will allow instant creation of slide shows matched to markers complete with pan/scan and more.      
DoubleTake Makes 2 camera editing a breeze      
GearShift A must-have for the HDV editor, GearShift creates proxy files for slower machines or for HDCAM output.      
FM (Final Master) An audio plugin that will help you create much better audio mixes for Vegas.      
Ultimate S Nearly 250 tools in one plugin interface.


Image Flip Real-time image flipper for Vegas, useful for users of the RedRock Micro and other 35mm adapters for video cameras.      


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