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Pencil Sketch:

This effect uses two video tracks containing the same video events, which are composited together in a parent / child relationship using a Bump Map with near maximum Intensity and Bump Height. Here are the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1. Select the event you want to make a pencil sketch
Step 2. Add a Black & White Video FX to the event and select the 100% Black and White preset
Step 3. Duplicate the video by copying it to the track above it.
Step 4. Enable the Make Compositing Parent relationship between the two video tracks
Step 5. Change the Parent Overlay Mode of the upper track to Custom and select Bump Map.
Step 6. In the Bump Map dialog, increase the Intensity and Bump Height to close to maximum (depending on the image). Fine-tune these settings for the effect you want.

This should give you a pretty convincing pencil sketch look. For extra bonus points add a Brightness and Contrast filter after the Black and White filter and you can really control the amount of detail that’s left in the Bumped image. You can get it down to just outlines if you’d like. If you don’t use the Back and White filter it will look more like a pastel painting.

I should have this tutorial on my web site soon with sample images for ‘ya real soon.


I’ve scanned some pictures and want to use panning from one end to the other. How do I stop the weird deformaties from happening?

Well, tw2933, here’s what I’ve found as per your suggestions.

I fiddled with various settings and combinations with the same problematic scanned file. Here’s what worked for me:

I added the “Gaussian Blur” with a horizontal & vertical setting of .002.

That almost eliminated the problem. Certainly not as visually disturbing anymore.

Thanks you very much.

I’ve got to say, as many already agree, that this forum is an absolutely fantastic asset for anyone using SOFO products. The vast majority of the user base are a tremendous resource of knowledge willing to take the time to share their experience with others.

Once again, thanks.


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