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Pasting between different versions

If you have opened a project in a newer version of Sony Vegas and then having issues you could try the follow, always save the new version with an amended tile, e.g. add SV11 to the end, has always worked for me.

BUT if you have already saved in the new version, then you cannot open the project in an older version of the software

You could try the following to help you out.

You could  “Select All” (CTRL+A) on the version you are working on and then open an older (or  another) version of Sony Vegas and paste (CTRL+V) into the timeline.

If your going down a version then some of the plugins will not go with clips, if going up, no problem. Though can always open an older version of a project in a newer version of the software.

look out for any text other then static as that will become blank clips, also look out for Stabalised events as how that was done was changed from SV10 to SV11 and not in any versions below SV10

As an added bonus if you happen to have Movie Studio then you can also paste from the pro version into that as well.
Look out for Velocity envelopes not coming across and Pro-Tiler  become blank clips.   😎

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