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Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 is an easy-to-use, full-featured video editing application
that provides users with the capabilities to create professional-looking, high-definition projects
as well as continued support for standard-definition media. VMSP11’s powerful new tools
previously only available in professional suites – including stereoscopic 3D editing, support for
new file formats and precise audio editing controls – add exceptional value for hobbyists and
video editing enthusiasts who want to produce content and distribute it via media devices and
services such as PSP®, Apple® iPod, YouTube™, Vimeo and Facebook.
“The easier it becomes to capture high-definition video on mobile devices, the more
people are interested in editing that footage into movies that they can send to their family
and friends,” said Dave Chaimson, vice president of global marketing for Sony Creative
Software. “Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 provides professional-level tools and
expanded support that allow consumers to create videos and share them with others in their
social networks.”
New Features in Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 include:
• Stereoscopic 3D Editing – Users can now create stereoscopic 3D projects as easily
as 2D projects without additional tools as well as preview anaglyphic projects without
3D monitors
• Added File Format Support – Creative professionals, students and hobbyists
working with studio and cinema-level progressive formats are able to edit and output
videos in the following file types:
o MVC and MPO 3D (Sony cameras that support these formats include: HDR-TD10,
HXR-NX3D1, PMW-TD300 and the Alpha and NEX series)
o 24p/50p/60p
• Audio Event Effects – Users can now apply effects directly to the event level for more
precise control over the placement of audio effects
• Titles and Text Plug-in – Utilizing a broad selection of presets and templates, users
can quickly and easily achieve dynamic and visually stunning text animations and
effects which can be modified and adjusted for even further creative options; new
features deliver pro-looking results through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface
• Improved “Render,” “New Project” and “Make Movie” Dialogs – Users can create
new projects, render to specific file formats and deliver with increased efficiency and
• New Video Effects Plug-in SDK – The new SDK enables third-party developers to
easily create plug-ins for Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum
• GPU Accelerated AVC Encoding – Users can improve their AVC rendering
performance and speed using the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in computers
equipped with ATI or NVIDIA graphics cards
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum Production Suite 11
In addition to VMSP11 software, the Production Suite features additional applications to help
consumers create more polished and dynamic video projects. The Vegas Movie Studio HD
Platinum Production Suite 11 includes: DVD Architect Studio 5, Sound Forge Audio Studio
10, iZotope Vocal Eraser technology, NewBlue Effects Transitions, 3D titling plug-ins, a DVD
tutorial, 400 exclusive original music soundtracks, and deluxe paper 3D glasses.
Price and Availability
Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 (MSRP: 69,99€) and Vegas Movie Studio
HD Platinum Production Suite 11 (MSRP: 99,99€) are now available online at and at retailers worldwide. Language versions include
English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

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