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New Script from Vagasaur

Key Features:

  • Transcoder is one of the most powerful and functional batch rendering tools available today. Actually, it is much more than just renderer. With an impressive processing capabilities it can automate many recurring production processes.
  • Render Assistant provides a set of additional actions, launched after the end of rendering. For example, it can turn off the computer, play a melody or send an email.

  • Snapshots
    offers an absolutely new way for working with project snapshots. No more worries about the current preview settings! You’ll be amazed at how well it works for you!

  • Auditor
    checks the current project for various problems and common mistakes made during editing.

  • Backups
    is designed to provide additional protection for projects from accidental loss or damage.

  • Pan/Crop Assistant
    enhances the built-in pan/crop functions and brings a collection of tools that will make editing much easier, especially when dealing with many clips.

  • Presets Manager
    provides a complete solution for exporting, importing or transferring almost all presets that are found in Vegas Pro.

  • Quick Properties
    is perfect for quickly changing the various properties of events or media files. Also it dramatically simplifies tasks such as placing events on a timeline and creating transitions.

  • Replace Media
    allows batch replacement of media files in a project.

  • Markers
    greatly facilitates daily work with markers and saves you a ton of time.

  • 1-Click Commands
    is a collection of about 40 different scripts that provide a one-click solution for many common editing tasks, allowing more effective and efficient editing.

  • Effects
    allows you to apply one or more specified effect presets to media files, events, tracks or an entire project. The selected effects can be added, removed, reordered, enabled or bypassed instantly.

  • Archive Project
    allows copying of an entire project to a specified folder, including all the media files being used and the contents of all nested projects.
  • and much more!

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