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My captured Vegas clips don’t work with some applications.

I’ve found that some applications like Ulead Cool 3D Studio, AlamDV, and particleIllusion SE 2.0 can’t open the AVI files I’ve captured or produced with Vegas but others like VirtualDub and Pinnacle Studio 8 can open them just fine. The problem is that Vegas creates OpenDML (AVI version 2.0) compatible files by default and some applications can’t handle this.

I don’t know how to fix this for capture but for rendering you have to go into the Options and select the Video tab and deselect “Create an OpenDML (AVI version 2.0) compatible file” checkbox (i.e., make sure there’s no check).  Now I can open the files I render from Vegas in all of my programs. So it was the programs that couldn’t handle OpenDML that were having the problem.


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