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Make text crawl along the screen

Don’t be daunted: It’s a lot more difficult to describe than it is to do.

Track 2: Your video
Track 1: we’ll use for text.

With the cursor on track 1, Insert | Text Media.
In the dialog that appears:
Change the Length to be the time you want for the whole text sequence (from just before it appears to just after it disappears)
On the Edit tab, change the Words SAMPLE TEXT to whatever you want and make sure it’s all on one line. Don’t worry that you can’t see all of it. Change Font, Size, Attributes (Bold/italic etc) to suit.

On the “placement” tab, make sure the cursor in the dialog timeline (at the bottom of the dialog) is hard left and drag the representation of the text to the right so it’s just off the representation of the screen. This creates a “Keyframe” – it defines the position of the text at that particular time.

Now drag the timeline cursor to the far right of the timeline and drag the representation of the text to just beyond the left hand side of the representation of the screen. You’ve now created a second keyframe. Vegas will calculate the positions of the text for every frame between.

Close the dialog and play.

That provides a smooth scroll at a constant speed, but you wanted it to slow in the middle, didn’t you.

Open the generated media again (double-click the little green icon on the top right of the text event on the timeline)

You COULD add a couple more keyframes along the middle of the timelne and position the text accordingly (eg if your total length is 5 seconds add one at two seconds and another at three seconds and have the text positioned at the middle on both of those – you would then get 2 secs of tect moving to middle, 1 sec of static text, then 2 secs of text moving off screen)

But there’s a possible shortcut to achieving this:

Right-click on the left hand keyframe marker (the diamond). You will see a number of “curves” that can be applied to keyframes. These affect the way in which the intermediate frames between keyframes are calculated. It’s easiest to let you experiment to understand this.

BUT FOR NOW, just take my word for it: change the left hand keyframe to “SHARP” and you’ll get the effect you’re after.

Good luck.


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