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How to freeze / still an Image in Vegas

Method 1. All versions of Vegas:
Find the frame on the timeline you want to freeze.
Split the event at this point.
Set the Preview windows to Full | Best then click on the Floppy Disk symbol (Save image) above the preview. This will save that frame as a jpeg (it will prompt for a file name).
Drag the right hand event (yous plit your event into two earlier) to the right to make space.
Drag the image you’ve just saved from Project Media into the space & stretch to suit.
Job done.

Method 2. Vegas Pro only:

Find the frame you want to freeze and split.
Zoom in on the timeline so you can see individual frame markers.
Move forward one frame and split.
Select the one frame event you’ve just created, right click and select “create sub-clip”.
Move the right hand event to the right to create space.
Stretch (which will just repeat) the one-frame event to fill the gap.
Job done

Method 3: Vegas pro only.
Select the event, right click and select Insert / remove envelope | Velocity.
Play with the velocity envelope.
Basically the line represents the speed at which the event will be played back. Insert nodes the asme as with Volume (audio) envelopes.
100% is normal speed, 0% is freeze frame, -100% is normal speed reverse.
This is much more flexible than the ethods above as it allows you to gradually slow down the clip to a halt and then ramp it up again.


Tim Stannard

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