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(not all below are free resources)

Kick Start into Vegas (pdf)
Pip Tutorial (pdf)

DVD Architect 2 New Features (still useful for 3 & 4)(pdf)

Lighting for interviews, (good tutorial in plain English and plenty of pictures)


You Tube TUTORIAL – How to upload Videos on to YOU TUBE
VASST Tutorials VASST tutorial pages (You Tube Tutorials)
Movie Tools Creating a news Intro with (Vegas Platinum 9)
John Meyer  Deshaker Script for Vegas   (File)
Johnny Roy’s Tutorials
Jeffrey Fisher Tutorials
Mike Jones Tutorials (Australia)
The Vincishot Great tutorials for beginners
Billyboy’s Tutorials
Video Maker Italy
Marty Hedler’s tutorials
Zaza’s Chinese Tutorials
Vegas Users A great site where users can see other users video workk.
Intelliware Reseller More tutorials from Intelliware Australia
YouTube Tutorials Tutorials done by other users You Tube
DVD FYI Click here
PC World Surround article
University of Wisconsin/Mary Waitrovich Various lessons in Vegas.
Chaboud’s Throw
Together site
Some sweet (but LARGE) Vegas 5 projects
Propellerhead site Article related to Rewire/ACID
Two Cats From One make one cat into two cats tutorial
Picture Frame Effect Duplicating the Picture Frame Effect in the HP Commercials


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