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Error 2147163964 & GetLastError:5 During Install

This seems a big topic, so I’ll try to clarify the procedure (19 Feb 2015)

If you are getting the above error during the install of Sony Vegas ( I got it when trying to update VP11 to 701)


Go to folder the   following folder, (username is usually your name or the name of the PC)
C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sony  (or)
You could try a windows search if thats easier ( (Windows key + F)
Type this into windows search “SCS_INSTALLER*.log” to see if you can find it that way, don’t forget the asterix *.

 If you cannot find this folder it may be hidden

You need to go to Folder and search options, view tab and check
“Show hidden files, folders and drives” like in this picture ( Thanks to heartmiso)



look at the log file name,which looks something like this “SCS_INSTALLER_14.log” perhaps with a different number at the end.

Open file with Notepad, right click on filename then choose OPEN
Note: the file could be any number after the SCS_INSTALLER_XX.log


To find the ERROR, use CTRL+F in Notepad and enter “error code” and then do, or go to Edit and choose Find… and then do Find Next


Look for this Error Code: FINISH TXT ERROR: -2147163964 occurred during installation and the  following text…

The Installer has insufficient privileges to modify this file: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Sony\Vegas Pro 11.0\Vegas Pro 11.0 (64-bit).lnk.


To get the privileges the software requires, Navigate to the folder that is mentioned in Notepad.

Eg. C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Sony\Vegas Pro 11.0,  

If you see a padlock on the folder icon as per image below, then remove it.


If you do not know how to do that then use this website to find out how

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50 comments to Error 2147163964 & GetLastError:5 During Install

  • Brandon

    Thank you so much for suggesting to install visual c++ 2008 and 2012. I cannot thank you enough for that you’re awesome! Everything works now!

  • Johnny

    Download Virtual C++ redistributable 2012 and run as Admin
    Then Re install Vegas and run as Admin
    after a year i just got it so dam easy smh

  • capunk

    i have the simple answer that can fix Error 2147163964 when installing sony vegas
    i only copy all files in folder sony that i installed on another computer to my computer with windows 10 system operation
    next step double click VEGAS 130.exe then insert serial number and authentication code
    from the keygen

  • Muad-Dib

    all these wannabe smart but bullshit answers lol.
    depending of your OS you need to manually install Virtual C++ redistributable 2008 and 2012,
    it’s not you it’s registry development failure on both ends.

  • Vishal

    When i try to install vegas pro… It shows that ‘it is already installed…. Uninstall the previous one first’…
    Though i have uninstalled the previous version

  • antonio

    please send me the cartel with all component of the last folder you modify, i don`t have it.

  • Kastenfrosch

    I also got an “succesfully installed” message, though no files were copied at all.
    My log showed an Error Code: INSTALLATION SUCCESS in my SCS_INSTALLER_1.log
    I tried all of the tips within this file and nothing worked.
    Though, when I tried to install the “Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redist”, i got an error message from the installer that “there is an installation process already running”.

    So i rebooted my PC and Windows update started installing updates (nothing serious like ServicePack or shit).
    After that Vegas installed without problems.

  • Kalib

    i cant find sony file i will send everything bellow the first error code => Error Code
    Error Code: FINISH TXT Vegas Pro 13.0 has been successfully installed.

    => FinishDialog
    FinishDialog: Finish Dialog

    => CSfFinishDialog
    FinishDialog: User Exited
    <= CSfFinishDialog

    <= FinishDialog

    Error Code: NONE. User exited upon completion.
    <= Error Code

    SfApp_DeInit: CoUninitialize COM
    SfApp_DeInit: Freeing the Rich Edit control
    SfApp_DeInit: Deleting Unpack Directory
    <= SfApp_DeInit

    WinMain: Deleting CSfAppInfo object
    WinMain: Deleting CSfSetupApp object
    SetupXml destructor
    <= SetupXml destructor

    WinMain: Closing SfLang
    WinMain: Doing LateTerminate
    WinMain: Exiting with value 0
    <= WinMain
    please help

  • Lylou

    I spent hours before finding a way to make it work, so maybe this can help someone ^^
    Basically, I tried everything that can be found and it didn’t work. There was no padlock on my folder, I tried to install Microsoft Visual C + + 2008 in both of 32 and 64 bits version and it didn’t work, I also tried to change the permissions but it didn’t work either.
    So what I did is to activate the “super administrator mode”, and thanks god it worked. To do that, you just run cmd.exe as an administrator and you type “net user administrateur /active:yes” (Maybe it’s “administrator” for you, I don’t know, my computer is in french).
    Then you logoff and login in your new session (normally it’s called “administrator”), and you just install Sony Vegas. (I did it with Sony Vegas 13 though, but I think it work with Sony Vegas 11).
    I highly recomand to desactivate the super administrator mode when you’re done (net user administrateur /active:no) because you have way more chances to be hacked when it’s activated.
    I hope it helped !

  • Aaron


  • unnamed

    Hey, i did all of that, installed visual c++, and I’ve tried everything and i still have that error. I went to cmd(run as administrator) did “net user administrator /active yes” and i login as administrator. I still get that error. I would appreciate if someone could help me fast. Thanks

  • when I try to install it it shows an error which is setup error

  • Kira

    In the note pad this is the message I get when I find the error

    Error Code: FINISH TXT ERROR: -2147163964 occured during installation

    Error writing to file: C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 13.0\ErrorReportConfig.xml. Verify that you have access to that directory.

    the directory doesn’t have any lockpad to be removed
    I rightclicked and went to properties and took full control
    but it still not working 🙁
    every time I try to instal vegas I get the same message

  • Dhi

    right click the update file which you downloaded ( somewhere in downloads or you a location you specified) and run as administrator.

    I closed the Vegas while doing this just in case

  • Zulqar Cheeema

    Instructions updates

  • boobs

    pls make a step by step tutorial ^^

  • IGnacio

    I make all steps, but when i search the error from this : ” SCS_INSTALLER_11 ” find this:

    Error Code: FINISH TXT ERROR: -2147163964 se produjo durante la instalación

    Error al registrar el módulo C:\Program Files (x86)\Sony\Shared Plug-Ins\Audio_x64\sfppack1_x64.dll. HRESULT -2147010895. Póngase en contacto con el personal de soporte técnico.

    After, i try find the direction of this, but i CAN’T!!! I find only until “sony”, into this folder does not exist any folder with this name ” Shared “…

    You can helpme ??

    Thank you very much for you time!!

  • Marcos

    Oh! i solved it!!

    you just right-click c:\ProgramData\Sony and hit “Take ownership” and run setup as admin 😀

  • Marcos

    this isnt for sony vegas , it is for sound forge, but it’s the same error

  • Marcos

    I find the error code but it doesn’t specify any directory:

    => Error Code
    Error Code: FINISH TXT ERROR: -2147163964 occured during installation

    Error getting file security: C:\ProgramData\Sony\ GetLastError: 5

    no lock anywhere

  • hey i cant find “sony” on C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Sony. why?? where i have to go to find SCS_INSTALLER_14.log and finish the other steps?

  • alejaja

    nie moge znależć pilku “SCS_INSTALLER_14.log”. Pomóż! dzieki

  • Rebekah

    Hi i had the same problem but i fixed it ^^ by just installing Microsoft visual C++ 2008 Redistributable ^^ trust me it worked

    i have windows 8

    • Bryan

      Rebekah was absolutely correct. I have Windows 8.1 and I was installing Movie Studio Suite (13).
      Download Microsoft visual C++ 2008 Redistributable and select repair. (I downloaded both X64 and X86 versions) one of them worked!

      Interestingly and very frustratingly, when you come to install one of the items on the second disk, it states that you need Microsoft visual C++ 2008 Redistributable (64 bit) and installs it for you!
      Clearly technology is not Sony’s strong point!

    • Someone

      I’m on windows 10. I installed 2008 and 2013 (64 bit) and restarted my computer and that fixed it. Not sure which did the trick, but thought I’d share. I had the “sfppack1_x64.dll failed to register” error.

  • Dorian

    Hey, the problem is pretty very simple and easy….
    Simptoms for Vista/Win7/Win8 and 64 bit: (of course you go very mad)
    ERROR: -2147163964 ocurred during installation
    Error getting file security: C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\Sony GestLasError:5

    please go to C:\Users\xxxxxxxxx\AppData\Local\ after see Sony directory and select right mouse bottom
    and find propieties select after
    securities and add System and Administrators with full Controll and modify (please be free to add)
    add (appears Select Users and Groups ) select advanced select find and search results list and select
    Administrator and select Full Contro and Modify later with system same way
    Now Your Vegas is ready to finish installation
    Well I will explain others directories have same users, adminstrator and system users sony directory has not only local user (very common) because is by default just add these ones and ready
    I hope to help to everybody dont forget to share experiences

  • Cheema

    Try doing a windows search on this string,
    in the top right of the window of the C:\ drive

    “SCS_INSTALLER_*.log” (the * could be any number from 1 upwards)

  • tom

    Im also running windows 8 x64 and trying to install vegas 12 pro.

    There is also no sony file, i have checked the program files and data folders and there is nothing, just a .dll file.

    not sure what to do next any ideas?

  • Louise

    Sorry to drag up an old post but I’m stuck here also!

    I have got as far as looking for the location of the file but when I go into C: Programme files x 84 there is no Sony file anywhere?!?

    Can anyone please help?

    • Cheema

      You need to go to (I am running Windows 7)
      C:\ProgramData\ NOT C:\Programmefiles(x 86)

      You have probably installed the 64bit version so will not be in C: Programme files x 84 as that is for the 32 bit programmes

  • Cheema

    No you do not delete it, do as the text says, find that folder and unlock.

    “Navigate to that folder location and remove the lock, use this website to find out how”

  • john

    I found the error in “scs_installer”…what is the next step..?? Do I delete it… alter it..could use a little clarification.. Thanks

  • DiiDou

    I followed you’re steps, but I had a problem, I can’t find any address in that file, it’s written like this

    => Error Code
    Error Code: FINISH TXT ERREUR : l’erreur -2147163965 s’est produite lors de l’installation

    ERREUR : l’erreur -2147163965 s’est produite lors de l’installation

    => FinishDialog
    FinishDialog: Finish Dialog

    I really need help, please help me as soon as possible

  • ashraf

    My problem with Vegas Pro 12 or any other program and I receive this message

    I have Windows 8 x64 and I do not know what to do to solve the problem please help me

  • ashraf

    I have Windows 8 x64 and I do not know what to do to solve the problem please help me

  • Cheema

    Ok I see the confusion, I say…
    “look at the log file which looks something like this” SOMETHING LIKE THIS, not the same as yours but something like this, so could be…

    your can be any number , depends on the amount of installs you have tried.
    Look at the date of the file for the MOST RECENT ONE and open that with Notepad.

    hope that helps, Z

  • Jonah

    I got into the Sony folder there is only SCS_INSTALLER 1-7
    please help!

  • Runis

    When i got to the Sony folder there is only SCS_INSTALLER from 1-13 there is no 14??

    Help me please 🙁



    So i found the file SCS_INSTALLER …
    But what do i have to do next
    I only see the error code but thats it how can i install Sony Vegas Pro 11 without this error

  • Ash

    Hi Andrew,

    AppData is located where advised however it is a hidden file. You will need to find view/options/change folder and search options, go to the View tab then select “Show hidden files, folders or drives”. (This is how i find it in windows 8, should be similar to other operating systems).

    Your AppData folder should now appear

    Hope this helps.

  • Andrew

    Hey I followed the steps that you described but cannot find AppData in the Usersname file? Can you plz help i really need to get Sony Vegas loaded

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