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DVD & Blu-Ray Support

Creating DVDs and Blu-ray discs with Vegas Pro and DVD Architect Pro

Creating DVDs and Blu-ray discs with Vegas Pro and DVD Architect Pro

Encoding, Rendering, and Video Formats

  1. What is the recommended method for converting Vegas HD projects to standard-definition DVDs—recognizing that resizing often results in flicker and moiré patterns as well as loss of sharpness? And are we getting any help in future versions of Vegas Pro and DVD Architect Pro to assist us in this process?
  2. Is a Blu-ray disc burned using Sony AVC as compatible with all Blu-ray players as the Main Concept MPEG-2 option?
  3. How do I decide which video template to use? For example, 60i or 24p?
  4. When I render a movie in Vegas Movie Studio, what format should I render it in so that it is compatible with DVD Architect without having to compress it or modify it in any way?
  5. When rendering to Blu-ray from Vegas Pro 9, which is the best resolution for American HDTV: 1440×1080 or 1920×1080?
  6. Does a WMV or Sony AVC file provide good-quality for Blu-ray burning?
  7. What kind of video file have you used for DVD and then for Blu-ray disc? If it is MPEG-2, it is not going to be high-definition Blu-ray, correct?
  8. Do you render separately for DVD & Blu-ray disc, or let DVD Architect recompress the video as needed?
  9. Will DVD Architect burn to Blu-ray disc even if your material is not high definition?
  10. Does DVD Architect Pro support 3D videos or 3D movies?
  11. What is the best format for Blu-ray disc?
  12. Can you upload to Youtube directly from Vegas Pro or DVD Architect Pro? What file format is recommended?

Sales support questions

  1. Is DVD Architect Pro available in Spanish?
  2. I have Vegas Pro 8. Will I have to purchase version 10 to get this functionality?

Audio encoding for DVD and Blu-ray

  1. I can’t seem to get the 5.1 sound to work when using DVD Architect.
  2. How do you set up an alternate sound track?
  3. What is the difference between AC3 Pro & Studio?
  4. How do you create a button to let the viewer choose between stereo .ac3 audio or 5.1 surround .ac3 audio with a movie?

Product suggestions and feature requests

  1. Will there be an option to “fit to disc” for Vegas Pro in the future? I would use that almost every project if there was.
  2. Is Sony considering adding the ability to add a volume envelope to DVD Architect? It sure would help sometimes to have that option in that last-minute editing before burning.
  3. Will DVD Architect support JAVA menus on Blu-ray Discs?
  4. Why doesn’t Sony make more themes and buttons available for DVD Architect Pro?
  5. What new features are being planned for Vegas Pro 11?
  6. Can I save a theme template from another software application?

Interlaced and progressive video

  1. What’s the difference between interlace and progressive?
  2. What are the pros and cons of using progressive vs. interlaced?
  3. Which is better from quality stand point: Interlaced or progressive?
  4. Where can we find information about how to choose between interlaced and progressive?
  5. When selecting format (interlace vs. progressive etc.) what would be the lowest working denominator to work on all televisions?

Compress, recompress and bit rate settings

  1. Why does DVD Architect recompress to finalize the menu in a Blu-ray disc? How can recompression be avoided when burning a BD-R with a menu?
  2. When burning a DVD with a menu, how is recompression avoided to shorten burn time?
  3. I’m trying to burn a project to disc and a Message appears that says, “The Disc Image is too large to fit on to the disc. Try changing your render settings or use a lager capacity disc.” My Estimated project is 4.68GB and I’m using a DVD+R 120 min/4.7GB disc. What is my problem?
  4. With the appropriate quality, what could be the total duration of my videos on a 4.7GB DVD?
  5. If you reduce the default bit rate, will the quality suffer?
  6. Is it best to use a bit-rate calculator and let Vegas Pro render the file to fit the Disk space or to let DVD Architect render the file?
  7. Why does DVD Architect sometimes incorrectly report file sizes? (It usually says it’s too large even though it isn’t).
  8. What’s the drawback of reducing the video bit rate? Is there a guideline for how much to reduce it to avoid quality loss?
  9. Please explain the Fit to Disc button in the make DVD dialog.
  10. Is there any way to know what size DVD you need to burn to?

Workflow questions

  1. When rendering in Vegas Pro, do you render audio and video separately?
  2. Do you change from NTSC or PAL in Architect, or do you have to do anything in Vegas Movie Studio first?
  3. How is he bringing up that little window for switching software applications? That’s a great shortcut.
  4. When he rendered his video and audio so he can create a menu DVD, did he render in two steps (audio, then video) or one step but with separate files for video and audio?
  5. When and how is the .ac3 file used?
  6. I’m confused about how you got both video and audio linked together since you rendered them separately. Can you explain?
  7. Is there any way of adjusting volume of the audio track in DVD architect?
  8. Is DVD Architect Pro a standalone application that I could use with any video editor?
  9. What is your recommended procedure for when you want to create both DVDs and Blu-ray discs from the same Vegas Pro project file?
  10. Does DVD Architect support dual layer burning?
  11. Can I make transitions?
  12. I’m still not sure what the advantage of adding the media to the root is. For changing buttons I usually make one button the way I want it and then copy it, right-click it, and choose Paste Button Properties from the menu. Are there any other advantages to adding the video to the root?
  13. When dragging video files up into the left-hand panel of DVD Architect (the Project Overview window) does the audio file automatically move with it?
  14. How do I create a looping DVD?
  15. If Audio & Video are rendered separately, how does dragging the video file into DVD Architect bring in the audio?
  16. I have multiple video files. How can I put them in DVD Architect Pro as one file so that they play in sequence?
  17. I noticed that DVD Architect Pro has Copy Protection properties in Project Properties and also a property called Disc Copyrighted. What is the difference?
  18. Does the properties copy protection feature actually put copy protection on the disk, or is that just for mastering?
  19. Can I burn both a 4:3 and a 16:9 version of my video to the same DVD?


  1. What kind of Blu-ray burner is required to burn Blu-ray?
  2. Are there any hardware limitations for this product?

Themes, menus, backgrounds, buttons, etc.

  1. Are you able to create your own theme with your own background?
  2. Where can users find more DVD themes for their projects other than what comes with Vegas?
  3. Can I create custom buttons? If so how?
  4. Why doesn’t DVD Architect create menus that will by default automatically play ALL videos without going back to menu?
  5. Is there a quick way to apply the custom buttons to the scene selection menu?
  6. Where do you get the new themes you are working with?
  7. Can you edit scene selection buttons as you can main menu buttons?
  8. Can you create 3D menus?
  9. How would you put an introduction—say a company logo—to show before the menu starts?
  10. Can you save your menu as a custom template to use over and over again as a shell for a multi-disc set, or do you need to recreate it each time or load a prior project?
  11. How do I integrate video within my navigation buttons?
  12. Can you create custom buttons?
  13. Are there additional themes available for free or purchase from Sony or other vendors?

Technical support related

  1. Some of the projects I render and then burn to DVD with DVD Architect Pro end up not filling the screen on all four sides. How can I prevent that?
  2. There seems to be a problem with crashing if there are too many media imports. Is there some kind of memory limit when setting up media imports?
  3. Whenever I use Tools | Burn Disc | BluRay I get the error “An error has occured during the current operation. An unexpected error has occurred.” Things work fine if I render in Vegas Pro and burn in DVD Architect Pro. Am I doing something wrong? One clue is that in Vegas Pro, it shows 10x for the Blu-Ray burn and it should only be 2x.
  4. I am trying to burn a Blu-ray disk without success so far. I have checked all my settings and they appear to be in order.
  5. Sometimes when I play a DVD on a laptop it sputters. Can you provide any ideas for creating a DVD that plays consistently without pausing or sputtering?
  6. Why don’t you answer when asking for support via the support desk?
  7. Why is Architect Pro 5.2 not recognizing my Pioneer Blu-ray drive? It locks up immediately.

High-definition vs. standard-definition

  1. Can I use HD files to create a standard-definition DVD?
  2. Can Vegas Pro make a high-definition disc on a standard DVD?
  3. Don’t you have to use HD assets to burn a Blu-ray disc?

DVD vs. Blu-ray

  1. What is difference between Blu-ray disc and DVD?
  2. If I start with a standard DVD, can I upgrade to a Blu-ray disc? Will it be of reasonable quality?
  3. I tried burning a Blu-ray image to a blank DVD writable disc from the Vegas Pro timeline. It worked, but it only plays on a PS3, not on a DVD player. Why?
  4. For DVD and BD you used same video. In that case then, BD will be not be HD, right?
  5. When creating a Blu-ray disc, how does the software deal with the limitations of licensing where limited copies would be built into it with replicated disc?


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