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Deleting Video on the time line using Ripple Edit

Hi, I want to highlight an area on the time (say 5 seconds) line and be able to delete that whole vertical section, with all clips from the right filling in the gap, including areas were there are no video clips. At present there is no video on the first clip in the delete, but there is some further up, this does not seem to come down. I am using the ripple edit, but that seems to work on time lines that actually have clips where you are deleting. I would also like to do the reverse as well. With Story board this is not a problem all clips move up or down, but this one seems to work in mysterious ways.

You might try Ctrl-A (to select all events), or SHift-Ctrl-A (to de-select all events), then delete or cut, this will bring all clips from the right down to fill the gap.

Also use CTRL+SHIFT+V to insert a clip and get al clips on the right to move up.

Hi Z,

>>>>>If you select (a region) a clip and then do CTRL+A then press delete ALL the clips on the right come down.<<<<<

More specifically, If you select an event (by double-click on it) and delete (or cut) with ripple-on, just that track will move. If you double-click the event, Ctrl-A, and delete (or cut) with ripple-on, all tracks will move. To also move markers and regions, use Shift-Ctrl-A (select none).

>>>>If you place the cursor on the time line and wish to inser there, you need to trim a clip then do COPY (CTRL+C), then CTRL+SHIFT+V and that will add a clip at the cursor and move all clips on all time lines up to accomadate it.<<<<

CTRL+SHIFT+V should ripple across tracks

>>>I assumed Ripple would do that just as it says over all clips, but not so, it just works on that line selected, which seems pointless as Insert would do that.<<<<

Vegas provides the *choice* of ripple on selected tracks or all tracks: CTRL+V and CTRL+SHIFT+V, respectively… and of course, the many other ways.

Don’t forget you may want to insert and *not* ripple (overwrite), so ripple can also be disabled.


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