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Create Scene Selection Menu

In order to create a scene selection menu, please follow the steps below:

1. First make sure you are creating a Menu based project. If not, go into the File menu, select New, and choose Menu Based.

2. Then locate the video file that you rendered out of Vegas in the Explorer window at the bottom of the DVD Architect or DVD Architect Studio interface. Then drag and drop it in the Menu 1 window.

3. Double click on the box/button that appears in the Menu 1 page for that video, to open that video in the timeline area of DVD Architect or DVD Architect Studio.

4. Next you will need to insert your Chapter/Scene Markers in the timeline. To do so, click anywhere on the timeline and press the ‘M’ key on your keyboard. You will see a small orange line with a flag on top indicating your marker with an area open to insert text into. Type the name of the chapter in the text area of that marker flag. Then continue to add chapter markers on the timeline where you need them.

5. Now double click on “Menu 1” in the treeview window in the upper left corner of the interface. Your workspace screen in the middle should go back to the screen containing the Menu. Right-click on the button for the video and select “Insert Scene Selection Menu.” You will then have the option to name the scene selection page, and determine how many chapter links you want to show up on each page. For example if you have ten chapter markers, and you choose five links per page, you will have two scene selection pages that each have 5 chapter links. After pressing OK, a second box/button appears on the workspace to access your chapters.

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