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Change Auto-Save Frequency

“Done at your own risk”

If you wish to change the autosave on Sony Vegas, then you can.

Open vegas then do go to  OPTIONS  then while hold the SHIFT key while clicking on PREFERENCES.

Vegs Pro onwards (VP18) hold shift down then click on Options and extra menu at the bottom will appear, INTERNAL. (06/01/2021)

The preferences dialog box will open up, look for and click on INTERNAL on the tabs

Then at the bottom “Show Only Prefs Containing” type in “AUTOS”

The preference will show up with…
msAutoSaveInternal = 300,000  =  5 Minutes

30,000 = 30 Seconds
60,000 = 1 Minute

When you have finished, click OK and reboot Vegas to take effect.

IF it goes horribly wrong, you can start Vegas while holding the SHIFT key and this will reset all settings to default, all your personal preferences will be lost

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And if you want more control on this, download this Extension
(Edward troxel – AutoSave 1-0-1.exe)

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