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How to integrate Hitfilm 3 Pro with Magix Vegas Pro 14

Plugins of Hitfilm 3 Pro are present without additional actions when you install Magix Vegas Pro 14 (at least on my computer where I have Vegas Pro 13 installed too, OFX plugins). However the integration of Hitfilm 3 Pro from the timeline is not present in Vegas Pro 14. So no right click on a […]

Hitfilm 4 Express

Hitfilm 4 Express is now available as a free download and is free HERE. (PC & Mac)

If you have tried it it’s a great bit of software for effects like light sabres, head up displays models, etc.


HitFilm 4 Pro Released

Out now for £349.41 or £131.53 as an upgrade price.






Sony Hitfilm 2 Express FREE

Free download till February 2nd

The catch you have tweet or FB Share, though I managed to press the tweet button and it opened the download page, before I sent the tweet.

Will work within the Sony Vegas pro 12 or as stand alone ( right-click on an event in SV and send to HF […]

Webinar: Composting & Effects

Vegas™ Pro 12 and HitFilm 2 Ultimate combine to make a powerful one-two punch of video compositing and effects. In this free webinar, we’ll examine how the two applications work together to produce nearly any composite or special effect that you can imagine. Join us on Thursday, May 30 at 11:00 a.m. central time […]

Tutorial :Hit Film Storm Clouds

HitFilm provides a 2D and 3D visual effects at a very affordable price point. It brings Hollywood-quality effects and composting to your productions for a fraction of what you would have paid a few years ago.


It’s Nearly here…

The just announced Vegas Pro Suite includes Vegas Pro 12, Hit Film 2 Ultimate, Sound Forge Pro 10, Vegas Pro Production Assistant 2, DVD Architect Pro 6, and 100 Sony Sound Series: Production Music soundtracks. Unprecedented video, audio and visual effects production power! There’s nothing you can’t produce in the Vegas Pro Suite. Learn […]

Vegas Pro Suite Coming This Month

The combination suite is finally due out this month. Not only is there a pro version there is a a consumer version for us with tighter budgets, this is name Movie Studio Platinum: Visual Effects Suit 2



HitFilm 2 Ultimate is being worked on

This isn’t about us slapping the number ‘2’ on a couple of minor new features. We’re talking a massive leap forward for HitFilm in every area: editing, compositing and VFX. There’s revolutionary stuff coming your way.

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