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Free Vegas Utilities Tools

Some great little tools on this site, including… Vegas Batch Stabilize, Movie Studio Vegas Pro Editor for your tablet EnDisEffects Movie Studio / Vegas Pro version faker


Sweetening sound – Sony Vegas

(My voice is on the left Speaker)


Tips on increasing low audio on tracks (Video)

From post

Customizing the Toolbar

Customizing the Toolbar

Vegas™ Pro, ACID™ Pro, and Sound Forge™ Pro, along with the consumer versions of each, feature toolbars that give you a variety of buttons to access your most often-used tools. We’ve populated those toolbars with default buttons that we think you’ll use most often, but we also realize that everyone works […]

Solving tough keying problems in Vegas software

Solving tough keying problems in Vegas software
by Gary Rebholz

Whether we’ve been aware of it or not, we’ve all seen the chroma key or “green screen” effect used in everything from our local weather report to our favorite Hollywood blockbusters. With this technique, the movie maker shoots an actor against a solid-colored wall (very often a bright green color which gives the technique the green screen nickname, although technically you could use any color), and then the editor applies a filter to key out or remove that color so that it appears transparent. This transparency enables the editor to put a different piece of video in the layer beneath the actor, thus giving the impression that the actor is standing within the scene of that second video, as shown in Figure 1.


Enable Video Thumbnails in Windows Explorer

Windows does not always show all video thumbnails in explorer.This can be most iratating when looking for a particular fileWhen editing this is very useful feature to locate files

This works for XP, Vista & Win7, 32bit & 64bit

Download this program

(If the utility has trouble generating thumbnails, just launch the Media Preview utility […]

Event switches in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio

Utilizing event switches in Vegas™ Pro and Vegas Movie Studio, Part II: video switches

by Gary Rebholz

Last month I introduced the topic of event switches in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio and, specifically, focused on audio event switches. In that article you learned what each audio switch does. In this article we’ll take […]

Sharpening 5D Mk III with Red in the Shot

It is well known that footage from the Canon EOS 5D Mark III benefits from sharpening in post. The trick is to add a slight amount of Chroma Blur prior to sharpening. I use Sony Vegas Pro,

Read More…by Jason Greene

How to film in 3D with the NX3D1

Utilising event switches in Vegas

Utilizing event switches in Vegas™ Pro and Vegas Movie StudioPart I: audio switches — Both audio and video events in your project contain switches that bring extra functionality you should be aware of. we take a look at audio switches in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio.

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