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Basic Definitions of Digital Audio

Anther great tutorial by Gary, on the audio, this time a bit of a deeper look at at it’s workings

Basic Definitions of Digital Audio

Sony Creative Software has deep roots in the audio world. I’ve talked about audio topics many times in previous articles that have appeared in this column and we’ve taken […]

Audio for Video

Go ahead; type the phrase “how important is audio in video” into Google and see what you get. Now, I don’t expect you to read through all 347 million results, but just reading the summary of the first few on the initial results page is enough to indicate that there are a lot of people […]

Sound Forge Pro Mac, Promo Video

Sound Forge Pro Mac

Sound Forge Audio Studio, Promo Video

Sound Forge Audio Studio

ACID Music Studio Promotion Video

ACID Music Studio

Solving impossible audio problems

January’s webinar, Solving impossible audio problems, is now available on demand A webiniar first shown in January 2013.

Tips on increasing low audio on tracks (Video)

From post

Mac version of Sound Forge Pro released

Sony’s move into the Mac world has now been officially revelead with Sound Forge Pro for the mac finally available.

More Here

Sound Forge Pro Mac 1.0

It is finally out now, yours for only £249 (EU329)

This product was built from scratch especially for Mac OS X andIt is not a readaptation of PC version to MAC.

Tips on increasing low audio on a track

Tips on increasing low audio on a track . 1 – Right click on the audio and and then >> SWITCHES >>NORMILIZE. That will bring the audio up to the loudest part of the audio, if it does not seem to do anything, look for the biggest audio peak and trim the audio until you […]