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VEGAS 19 Build 550 (Update 4)

The release of build 550 (Update 4) for VEGAS Pro 19. Some critical updates and important changes are included, so make sure to download this through our automatic update feature or the links below.

As always, we would love your feedback. Please tell us what you think in our general discussion thread.

VEGAS Pro 19 […]

VEGAS Pro 19 Build 516 (4)

Vegas Pro Update Build 516

New Features:

Color grading panel is now available at the media, track, and video output levels Optical Flow slow motion now available for velocity curves and playback rate settings New AI tab in the Video Plugins window Option in Mesh Warp to more smoothly morph image between mesh points Event […]

Add Plural Eyes 4 to VP 17, 18 19

If Plural Eyes is not showing on your Vegas pro software Try the following


Render AC3 (TS) for DVD-A files from Vegas Pro 14 onwards

In versions of Vegas Pro VP 15 and onwards, the ability to render out to an AC3 file stopped.


Vegas pro 19 released


Great new release with lots of new features.