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DVD Architect Tutorial With Menus

Tutorial DVD Architect with no menus

Create Extra Folders in DVD-A

If you want to add extra files onto your DVD, be they media or data thenyou need to set up an “Extras” Folder.Just create one on your hard drive with whatever data files you want in it.(keeping in mind the size of the disc)

In DVDA go to File > Properties and on the “Disc […]

Which render settings should I use in Vegas if I want to burn a Blu-ray disc?

Render Settings for a Blu-ray Disc

Published 01/14/2010 08:55 AM | Updated 10/04/2010 03:37 PM Which render settings should I use in Vegas if I want to burn a Blu-ray disc?

Instructions for Vegas Pro / DVD Architect Pro:

If you are rendering from Vegas for use in DVD Architect, go to File > Render […]

DVD-A Hanging During Render

Sometimes it can be if you have diffrent audio files in your project, changing them to one type e.g. mp3 can cure it.

“I have done some research and I note that possibly because I had mp 3 and a wav file including the m2ts sound file from original footage that having more than 2 […]

The anatomy of a DVD Architect menu button

The anatomy of a DVD Architect menu button

Gary Rebholz

Making A More Creative Menu (Billy Boy)

Billy Boys DVD-A Creative menu

The purpose of this tutorial is more to INSPIRE your creative process so you experiment and push the envelope a little. With just a littler effort and some practice you can make far from ordinary menu pages. While DVD Architect comes with several templates and also a means to make […]

HDV Blue ray smart render

If you render your HD project out in *.m2ts in Vegas 9,then you can bring the file back ontothe timeline and then make any changes to the project.When you are ready to render out again the smart render will come into play, onlyrendering the parts that are required.

You do need to make a new […]

Moving to the next menu after first menu

Q:I have a DVDA (ver. 4) project with f.ex. 4 menu items, A B C D. Each menu item represents n MPG-file and VAW file, all imported to my project. So far so good.When I start the DVD the item A is high-lighted, as default, and this is ok.When I have watched item A it […]

Create Scene Selection Menu

In order to create a scene selection menu, please follow the steps below:

1. First make sure you are creating a Menu based project. If not, go into the File menu, select New, and choose Menu Based.

2. Then locate the video file that you rendered out of Vegas in the Explorer window […]