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VEGAS DVD Architect Update 3 (build 100)

The long awaited third update for VEGAS DVD Architect- build 100, is ready to download, bringing you important stabilization fixes.

Let us know what you think about the update in our general discussion thread.


VEGAS DVD 7 Architect Update 2 (build 67)

You can download the build 67 now at:

Here are the patch notes for this update:


How to fit a long video onto DVD-A

Using DVD Architect learn how to compress and fit a long video onto a DVD, by calculating customized Bit Rates and pre-rendering the video.

Movie Studio Zen , has some good tutorials here

Free upgrade from DVD-A 5.2 to 6.0

Free to DVD Architect 5.2 owners, DVD Architect Pro 6.0 is now available. To get your free download, please have your 5.2 serial number ready and then visit this page:

See link for more details

Normal upgrade link


DVD & Blu-Ray Support

Creating DVDs and Blu-ray discs with Vegas Pro and DVD Architect Pro


DVD-A & Blu-Ray Burning

Authoring and burning Blu-ray discs with Sony DVD Architect Pro 5

by Gary Rebholz

First, you’ll need to get DVD Architect Pro 5 software to your computer. You can download the application from the Updates section of the Sony Creative Software website ( Once you’ve downloaded it, run the installer. There’s no need to […]

Advanced DVD & Blue-ray menu design

DVD Architect is a powerful tool for authoring and burning DVDs and Blu-ray discs. With it you can design and create the sophisticated discs that you and your clients demand. There’s a lot of functionality packed into the DVD Architect menu-building tools, which gives you the power to create highly useful menus for your projects. […]

Sony Vegas PIP Tutorial Part 1

Pip tutorial using any versions of Sony vegas, this shows how to make PIPS using the Pan / Crop button

Sony Vegas PIP Tutorial Part 2

Pip tutorial using versions versions of Sony Vegas, this shows how to make PIPS using the Track Motion Button

DVD A Tutorial 3 – Fancy menus