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Catalyst Production Suite 2016.1


Catalyst Production Suite 2016, containing Catalyst Prepare 2016.1 and Catalyst Edit 2016.1, is now available!

Unfortunately Sony have also no decided to go through the subscription model and so will require ongoing payments. But good news not that expensive,  £15.95 Per mOnth or £139.95 Annual Payment.

See more here

You can continue to use Catalyst Prepare 2015 and Catalyst Edit 2015 applications alongside your 2016 subscription versions. See our knowledgebase for information on installing 2015 and 2016 versions side-by-side.

(PDF White Paper)

New in
Catalyst Edit 2016.1:
  • Full screen secondary preview window for multiple-monitor setups
  • Dozens of editing and workflow improvements (including additional keyboard support, copy/cut/paste enhancements, snapping improvements, recent projects list, and saved window configurations)
  • Preview window now has zoom support; safe area overlays; and before, after, side-by-side and split modes
  • New Vectorscope window
  • New Vignette effect
  • Improved cropping and picture-in-picture tools allow more precise adjustments
  • Preview Media Browser clips in the main Video Preview window
  • Improved integration with Catalyst Prepare
  • Automatically save project backup files
New in
Catalyst Prepare 2016.1:
  • Support for Rec.2020 color space
  • Full screen secondary preview window for multiple-monitor setups
  • Burn-in timecode and clip name
  • Additional transcode options (including settings for crop, flip and mirror, anamorphic stretch, clip padding, encoding mode, ignore mark points)
  • Relink offline or missing files in library
  • Consolidate library into a single folder for easy sharing and collaboration
  • Export bins as folders to bring your library organization into other post-production tools
  • Quickly save snapshots of frames in JPG, BMP, and PNG formats
  • FTP support
  • Improved proxy workflow allows viewing of proxy clips and copying proxy clips only
  • Improved performance for Sony Optical Disc Archive (ODA) and XDCAM Discs

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